Medical ID Bracelet recommendation for a small child

Hi Everyone!

I am a parent of a 17month old who was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic one month ago.  I just found this forum & I am excited for the chance to connect with others, both parents & also those who have walked the road my son is going to be on. 

I am wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a medical ID bracelet that is appropriate for a small & very active toddler.  It doesn't need to be "pretty" just practical & something he can't get off!  I did some internet searching, but am feeling overwhelmed by all the options!  I am thinking an ankle bracelet would be best. 

Here are a few I found, but I don't know if there are drawbacks that I am not aware of... & (althought the second option may be too big for his 6 inch ankle). 

Thanks in advance for your help!


I would recommend going to MedicAlert ( because they system they have behind the ID bracelet is the best there is. They have a sport bracelet that looks very similar to the on on Stickyj. 

I am not sure if the sizes run small enough, but I have bought 4 medic-alert bracelets from . They have a wonderful selection and ship really fast. They have all types, including ones that are adjustable and made with washable cloth ( ) -- you fill out a slip of paper with emergency info and put it inside a pocket in the bracelet. I checked, and for those adjustable band bracelets, the smallest size can go as small as 5", which might fit your toddler. Others for boys on laurenshope start at 6".

Unfortunately laurenshope doesn't have anklets for boys :(  But they also have temporary tattoos for type 1 diabetics, which might be handy (and fun, because what kid doesn't love a tattoo?) for times when he's really active.

I hope you find something that works!

The Medic Alert Foundation is awesome. I registered Brandan last year. The ID has his name, Type 1 Diabetes, and member number on it so that when Medic Alert is contacted the EMT can get several contact numbers and more medical information. This, opposed to a regular ID that can only fit a name, condition and 1 or 2 phone numbers. The only downfall is that Brandan is a little guy too and the smallest bracelet they have is too big. I cut the chain off and used some "Braiding Cord" to make him a bracelet, like a friendship bracelet, with the ID charm tied to it. (I made his little brother and myself one to match.)

When Brandan was first diagnosed at 12 months old I went to School and got an adjustable medical alert bracelet, but I just tried that website and it no longer exists, but I'm gonna try to find that bracelet for you. :) You can hook the clasp on any link to make it fit as he grows.

One more thought: I let him wear an ID with a blue nylon band for a while and I don't recommend it. I never took it off because it was a hassle to get it on in the first place. He bathed and swam in it and because it takes so long for the nylon to dry it eventually started smelling bad.

Don't worry if he doesn't like it at first, it'll only take a few minutes for him to get used to it. :) One trick I used when Brandan was a baby was to put it on while he slept. Brandan doesn't even mind when I cut a bracelet off to make him a new one to replace it anymore. :)

This place is kinda expensive but they have a wide range of stuff. I think I am just going to order the id and make my own beaded bracelet parts.

I got a bracelet from Our daughter is 3 and very small , it fit her...

they have a great selection for girls and boys....

From a first responder perspective, it has been a few years, the MedicAlert system is extremely valuable in helping make the correct decision for the patient. 

The MedicAlert system goes way beyond the ID and label. It is a great investment to make sure the correct decisions are made from the first responder side, particularly if the are multiple factors, such as drugs, allergies or other medical conditions that need to be taken into account besides the Diabetes.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

I really like the MedicAlert system, and I think that is the way we are going to go.  I am going to call them tomorrow with a few clarifying questions.  I love the idea that they can keep more info for medical professionals. 

Do you all prefer chain or band bracelets?  Pros/Cons?

Thanks again!


I've had medic alert bracelets since my diagnosis at age 4. I NEVER take it off, except on the day of my wedding. I like how you can keep your medical info on file with them for an emergency.

I'd imagine a chain would be smaller and lighter on a small child, but others may have found something different.

This is probably silly, but my parents always put my bracelet on my left hand, and I learned left and right very early. If you gotta use it, they figured they'd try to make it useful, lol.

I have it secured around my neck so cannot come off. I've not taken it off in 39 years except to change the medallion or chain.  I has been through every kind of place and environment I have been in, hot, cold. wet, dry, messy, sticky, clean, on the operating table and n the MRI.

I guess with that long a relationship it is kind or part of me know. It's only been used zero times, but I do nothing without it. 

I look back and I can still say it is the best $2000 I have spent (39 years of memberships).

Hi debbi my son jack was dx at 22 months now he is 2 and a half …I
Got the shoe tags for jack which seemed to work out well but you have to
Keep changing them when you change the shoes…I think I got
Them from zoobears …good luck And let me know if I canhelp you in any way…kim

Hi debbi my son jack was dx at 22 months now he is 2 and a half …I
Got the shoe tags for jack which seemed to work out well but you have to
Keep changing them when you change the shoes…I think I got
Them from zoobears …good luck And let me know if I canhelp you in any way…kim

i have one of these and they are good and i believe they come in many sizes (if not they are adjustable) mine is very durable and also is waterproof

a couple other good places are and

hope this helps!

I sent a note to MedicAlert about products infant or toddlers and got this note back:

"We do have a special Kid Smart program which offers the initial set up fee at a discounted rate of $29.95; a savings of $10, and includes a free piece of jewelry from a selected group of products. The renewal fee, which will become due the following year of enrollment is only $15; a renewal savings of $15.

You may wish to call our toll-free telephone number at 1-800-432-5378, Monday - Friday, 6:00 am - 7:00 pm PST and Saturdays 8:00 am - 5:00 pm PST and speak to one of our Member Services Associates."

Brandan is enrolled in the Kid Smart program. It will give you peace of mind. Like I said earlier, though, the bracelet might not fit. There are shoe tags available. Plus, MedicAlert offered a 3 year renewal for $25 this year, that's what I went with. :)

We have gotten all of my sons medical id stuff from a really nice place

they have so many styles to choose from.I sent them an email and someone called me asap, I questioned the ship time and was told that they state that time frame to allow for any out of stock or emergency that may come up.

From what the lady told me, she started this company herself, she and her husband run it, no one else.

They have a daughter that has health problems and thats why they started it. They also give discounts to return customers, all you have to do is email them with your first and last name and they check to see if you have bought and if so they give you a code to enter!

They have great prices too.

My Daniel just loves his stuff, they sometimes send extras too!

Medicalert all the way.  My son who is now about to hit the 1 year with T1 mark has never even tried to take it off.  He's 2/12 now.