Medical ID

hey. just wanting to let you guys know that i just got these awesome medical IDs. they're bracelets like the LiveSTRONG ones, but they say Type 1 Diabetes on them. i got one that's just black and another that's pink camouflage. they both have silver lettering and they don't rub off.

the website is:


Wow. Those are cool. I'm gonna have to make my parents let me get one.

Thx for the post..  Just ordered some for my daughter.. Hope she likes them.

im definetly going to check that out. i have one from but those livestrong kind are cool!

Received the bracelets last week..  5 year old daughter loves them..  And gave one to another type1 friend of hers. Highly recommend for kids!! We ordered the small and they fit perfect 

     I bought a few...purple. pink, and glow in the dark.  If I lose them, it's not all that costly, and I'm expert at misplacing things.  I like the glow in the dark the best.

I dont have an actual ID like that (i have the necklace) but i have one of the livestrong bracelets that say "CURE Diabetes" on them. and they are only a they're amazing!!! i have like 12 of them in case they break

My daughter loves these bracelets. They are the one ID I can keep on her. However, all 3 of them she has have had the lettering come off some, or all, of the letters. One of them says T pe  Di be es on it now (missing letters indicate the letters where the black has come off). We laugh, since someone once saw the letters and thought it said "T.P. Da Bees", and asked why she would wear something that said that, and what did it stand for! However, it still is enough to give someone an idea of what might be wrong if something happens. She LOVES the glow in the dark one, however, it still startles me when she comes into my room at night after being in the bathroom with the light on, and all I see is this glowing thing drifting towards me, but even after 8 months of wearing it day in and day out, it is still glowing strong.


I plan on ordering more soon, since she does love them so much!

I got two bracelets I got the citrus swirl and the ocean swirl. I also got a dogtag and a red ring thing that looks like a life saver. My dogtag is the pumpkin swirl. I love them! Thx for the website!

We ordered from

The website is not the best organized, but the bands are great.  My son's has Insulin-Dependent Diabetic on one side and ID inside on the other.  On the inside of the band is his name and our home number and both parents' cell numbers.

Our endocrinologist emphasized getting a band that said Insulin-Dependent rather than Type 1 because not everyone (even emergency personnel) know the difference between type 1 and type 2.

So far, the lettering (which is painted into engraving) looks great.  My son just got a little concerned when he got in a pool with one.

Sweet, a livestrong one would be fun :) 

I found a great id tag too.  Do you know those cape cop bracelets they make that aren't ever supposed to be taken off?  I bought a silver charm from here:

and slipped it onto a cape cod bracelet:

I have had this on since I was diagnosed (Sep '07) and I have never been bothered by it.  It's pretty and comfy.  I plan to upgrade to a diamond one when I achieve a lower than 7 A1C for the first time :)

Thanks for the site! I hate wearing the traditional ID bracelet  but I'm gonna order these! Wonderful!