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I don't ever wear bracelets or jewelry, so I'm having a hard time finding a Medical ID wristband or bracelet I would actually want to wear. I found one that's not too flashy, but my girlfriend thinks if there was an emergency, it would be overlooked. Anyone know of any good websites or places to find a good casual medical ID?

I got both of mine from MedicAlert Canada it's just a basic bracelet. They have a few options if you want flashy or not flashy.


The US version is

I highly recommend Medicalert at for medical ID's. I think that the bracelets and necklaces would be the two that would be seen in an emergency, someone will take your pulse and or they will take your shirt off to listen to your heart.

I have heard that EMT's do not look for them or call, but I would believe if they found one and saw Diabetes that would prompt them to take a BG and figure out from there where your treatment should go. 

Medicalert. Who cares what other people think, the bracelet can save your life.

I have not worn one in years because I was always so vain about the way that they looked.  Lately I've been getting realistic about the fact that my life is more important than what my jewelry looks like.  I typed in medical ids on google and just started looking on the different web sites.  I have found alot of really nice looking bracelets and necklaces.  There's more than just the metal chains like when I used to wear one.

definitely medicalert. i have the sport band, i wear it ALL the time... i would think someone would notice it if theres an emergency

Definetally go with medic alert its the best.. Someone we know had to use it one time and medic alert did a great job!! U can get it on

Definetally go with medic alert its the best.. Someone we know had to use it one time and medic alert did a great job!! U can get it on

I haven't worn a medical ID since I was a kid and I haven't even thought of it. I need to get one.

In other words, you all are better diabetics than me. (:


they have a lot of girly things, but they also have things for men! so take a look. i wear a bracelet from them and i get compliments on it and then i show them that it's a medical bracelet. people are surprised, but if there was every an emergency, i don't think that a professional would decide not to look for any medical id because people are allergic to things like latex, so they would not be able to touch that person with latex gloves! i believe all professionals would check before they took any actions.

I found a website that had a medical alert dog tag with free engraving, so I went ahead and ordered one. I think I'll like it better than a bracelet. I have it saying my name, Type 1 Diabetes, and Check Wallet for Medical ID. I'm transitioning cross-country this summer and don't have a physician or endocrinologist yet so I don't think I'm quite ready for a medicalert membership. I can always sign up in the future. Thanks for the many suggestions, I appreciate it.

After 40 years with T1D and four or five MedicAlert tags, it is more than with the money. You get much more than any other tag, a 24/7 resource that any medical professional can contact to get info on your condition, your medical team, your insurance, your emergency contacts, and what you use for managing your T1D. 

I know of no other ID that can provide this info in the US and Canada or worldwide.  I have had medical professional use the tag on more than one occasion in a non diabetic medical response situation...yes  they do look for it and is also can lead to asking questions and getting better treatment.

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In other words, you all are better diabetics than me. (:


You aren't alone :)

I don't have a bracelet or anything...I had a medic alert dog tag, but honestly, do EMTs actually look for that stuff? I should ask my friends who are firefighters etc. and see.

It's funny my mom just asked me the other day if I wear a bracelet - I don't because I figure having the CGM and pump someone would figure it  out.  I don't know if it's the first thing an EMT would look for but I do know that they look for some kind of identification if you're incoherent. So I do keep a card in my wallet with all my information.

I am newly diagnosed and although I am female I was worried about my bracelet being overlooked as well.  My daughter suggested this site:

The bracelets for men and women are really nice and are the most reasonable I have found.  Good Luck

I have a question that relates to safety and may be somewhat off the topic (but related in terms of safety and the point of medical ids). I am a parent of a person with type I diabetes. Is there a phone service available that, for a fee, would call my daughter every morning and if there is no answer, contacts 911. She lives alone and she and I have been researching for such a service on the internet but to no avail.  We live several hours away driving time and she does not want to impose on her friends for such a service. Thank you all for considering this note.

I'm pretty new at this too, and I struggled with what to get.  I wanted something that wouldn't look so much like regular jewelry that no one would ever check it, but also not like every single medical alert bracelet you see on little old people.  (No offense to old people!  I'm just not a fan of your medical drugstore alert jewelry. :) )  Oh, and throw in the fact that I can't wear a whole lot of metal because of a nickel allergy.

I got this faceplate and 3 wristbands to use with it:

You can slide the faceplate on and off of the bands.  I chose two subtle ones (one black pleather, the other brown pleather) just for when I'm out and about by myself, but I chose a bright red band for anytime I'm working out, riding a bike, or doing anything else where there's a greater chance of going low.

I think it's a good solution.  The brown and black ones aren't anymore intrusive than a wistwatch, but I think they'd still be noticeable to someone if they were checking to see if I'm OK.  The red one, however, just screams "read me!"

(And how cute are the printed ones, for kids?!)