Medical IDs

I haven’t worn a medical ID take in a while, but now my parents want me to wear one. What are your thoughts on medical IDs? Do you wear one? If so, where can I get a good medical ID bracelet/necklace that is comfortable but also looks good? Thank you so much for your input!

I have worn one since 1984, so I’ve just gotten used to it. I use a Medic Alert one, because then the hospital could call them and get lots of great information like other meds I’m taking and that I use an insulin pump. They have lots of fun ones these days - I find the stretchy watchband style the most comfortable, and people just assume it’s a watch until they get a closer look. Hint: When you measure your wrist, add just 1/4" to the length, otherwise it might be too tight. You can always get a couple of links removed by a jewelry repair if you need it.

I like Road IDs. There are too many options/styles for me to explain here.
Check out their website:

Hope you find something that suits you :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Having the right size of bracelet matters i must say. once you have the right size you dont even notice its there mine is very comfortable as it is the perfect size! I have worn one since diagnosis and i think they are a great idea. I feel it is important to wear one so that anybody can help you if there were ever an accident or somewhere where you cant quite tell them all the information about yourself. Its nice to hear that your parents are looking out for you :slight_smile: Also Laurens Hope is also a great website to get medical braclets from! There is a braclet to suit anybody and age and any style!

I have a customized medic alert… on the front it just says diabetes with a medic alert symbol and on the back it says happy birthday. Ive worn one for 14 years, whether it be a bracelet or a necklace, so to me its weird not to wear one!

Thank you all so much!

I’m very iffy when it comes to alert bracelets. I have T1D and am deeply bothered by the negative connotation of diabetes (im a junior in HS so judgement is everywhere)
I dont tend to wear one for that reason but i recently found one that was one of those rubber bracelets with the medical alert sign, and on the inside it said T1 diabetic. It’s more up my alley, and is super casual!

I wore a metal bracelet up until 3 months ago because it was interfering with my running, so I switched to a rubber one that just says that I have T1D and carry a wallet card everywhere I go. I love the rubber one and don’t even notice that it’s there.