Medical Infor / Alerts Watch Highly Recommend

I the pastt few years have had a lot of issues. This year my wife helped me by getting me a Watch that has medications reminders. Up to 12 alarms a day auto repeat and can individually turn each alarm on or off, with each alarm you can also add alert for that alarm like Check Blood Sugar or Take Night Time Shot.
It is amazing and now that I have a good reminder at all times I stop whatever I am doing to test and eat on schedule every day sense Ive had it.
My bloodsugars have improved a bunch might I add.
Its a self eastem builder and a buddy I think.

I am one of those who are always busy and don’t really stop to think her its this time of day, time to test BG and eat.
Now I do, and on schedule every day.

It displays things like name, birth date, allergies, medicines, doctor, emergency contact and so much more.

ICE 12 Alert Diabetic Watch

e-Pill Cadex 12 - 12 Alarm Wrist Watch - Configurable Notes for Each Alarm - ICE (in case of emergency) Medical Information

Mine the medical alert after name is set to display Diabetic!
It is supppper easy to use and config, I thought it would be complicated but it literally only took like 5 or 10 mins to set 4 alarms and input all my medical information (no computer or extra devices needed for configuration).

It almost $100 bust so worth it and I found and wife bought this when I was just about to give up on everything, now Im feeling more confident and managing my diabetes has improved.

Up to 12 Daily Alarms (auto reset - repeats every day at the same time)
Text Reminder Message (up to 36 letters)
Beeping Sound
Medical Snooze (alarms up to 4 hours - until medications are taken)
ALERT button “Away from Home” Medical Alert
Medical ID databank (Medical Information)
Normal time & date function
Easy to read display (large text/numbers)
Used in Clinical Trials. Improve Patient Compliance / Medication Adherence.
Recommended by Good Housekeeping

Medical ID Databank stores critical health information (similar to a medical ID bracelet). Simply press the ALERT button to display: What is a Medical ID Databank? CADEX Leather Strap | CADEX Black Design
Name and phone number
Medical Information (diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, aphasia, hemophiliac, Parkinson’s, lupus etc)
Allergic reactions (penicillin, bee sting, peanuts etc.)
Emergency contact and phone
List of medications, blood type, date of birth
Doctor’s name & phone
Insurance company & policy number

I am still wearing a Medic Alert bracelet from Australia, where I had lived in previous years. This watch with all the kinds of info that can be entered into it plus option of setting reminder alarms looks like a good choice for me to replace my old out-of-date Medic Alert bracelet. I’ll look further into this. Thanks for the info!

Your welcome, I used to have a bracelet but wore it out, then started buying army tags and still wear those tho. But this watch really helps with its reminders and if something was to happen and I am wearing it the medics or doctor can look me up and everything.