Medical tattoos

I've been seriously considering getting my 11 yr old son a medical tattoo.  He's always forgetting or losing every ID I buy him and it's not like he's gonna grow out of being T1 when he's older......or change his mind about being T1.

I know it sounds extreme. Of course he loves the idea! lol

Any thoughts?

I'm not sure you can find a reputable artist who will tat a least, I hope not.  When I ordered our son's ID bracelet, it came longer than needed, and we had to remove some links to make it fit.  Perhaps if you remove the catch and make a solid chain, so that it is impossible to remove, that will solve the problem....

for medical can. and I have to family friends who are artists. we've had dog tags, rope style bracelets, several other necklace styles. He's always in the woods hunting, dirt bikes, 4wheelers.... I have no idea where all the IDs go but they never come home..