Medtronic 670 Pump Upgrade soon?

I am long time user of Medtronic Insulin Pumps and am going to replace my out of warranty pump in the next 12 months.
The question is when are we going to see the next pump to replace the 670? Any ideas?


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Hi David @DBA_Man, yes,Medtronic is doing what you want.
As a long time Medtronic it is surprising that you haven’t notified - although I no longer use MiniMed/Medtronic equipment, but I’ve written here few times about the new Medtronic attempt.

Medtronic had an April/May release date planned. The trials were completed at the end of February and were to be submitted to FDA for approval. The CEO spoke about the 780 pump during their February earnings call and stated that the pump should be submitted to the FDA in March but there are no public records of this happening yet, unfortunately, the release date has been pushed back to June at the earliest and the end of 2020 at the latest.

Is the 780g to have BlueTooth?
I am getting tired of waiting for Tandem’s alledged coding issues with Medicare for its Cognitive IQ version.
Help and thanks for any info on either/both subjects.

Yes, the 780 has Bluetooth. I’ve not read anyone else on Medicare having issues getting the pump or CIQ download code.

Thank you for the BlueTooth info. Re the 780g, do you or anyone else care to take a guess for how long will be the gap between when it reaches the market and when approval for the Dexcom connection arrives.
Re my frustration with Tandem it has to do with my effort to move to the tslim X2 pump for all the obvious reasons as a new customer after 20 years with Medtronic, with current Medicare DME coverage. I find little/no confirming literature for Tandem’s explanation of “coding issues” with Medicare for my delay from February, when my paperwork was completed.
I am finding this JDRF forum a source for high quality info and all help here will be appreciated and reciprocated when possible, with my active participation. Jay

Hi James @jayw62175, just don’t try to buck the system and let Tandem and Dexcom set up payment FOR YOU through Medicare. They are the pros, they get things done the way “things need to be done” so just let those those companies work as your agent. As of August 1st, I will have been a Medicare beneficiary for 10 years and at that time I was on my second MiniMed pump.

In June 2018 I decided that Dexcom G5 would be good for me; I contacted Dexcom, and implanted my first G5 sensor on July 17th. OK, it did take a whole month, and since the beginning I haven’t had any billing issues except the month that United Health changed its “front company” used for processing.

similar action with Tandem. I decided late December. after Christmas, 2018 that I wanted to put aside my Medtronic pump and go with Tandem t-Slim x2; I let Tandem do all the work setting up supplies and Medicare billing, and began using my new pump January 21, 2019. No delays, even with the holidays and everything is paid smoothly.

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I literally repeated exactly what the CEO stated on their latest earnings call about the 780 release two posts ago. There is absolutely no confirmation from Medtronic that they will partner with Dexcom. The only public statement about a Dexcom/Medtronic partnership has come from Tidepool and I wouldn’t trust those people as far I could throw them. Out of the half dozen Diabetes forums I belong to, you’re the only Medicare patient reporting having an issue getting this pump.

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