Medtronic 670G Active Insulin Updating

I ran into an issue with not being able to enter Auto-mode on my Medronic 670G pump, and the “Active Insulin Updating…” is unchecked on the Auto-Mode readiness screen.

The manual says you must wait up to 5 hours for this issue to resolve itself.

Does anyone know what causes this?

The pump displays the active insulin in manual mode, just like normal. I don’t understand why Automode is confused about how much active insulin is in my system. I haven’t used any temp basal rates in manual mode for at-least several weeks.

I’ll call Medtronics tomorrow to see if I can get more information on this, because I would like to know the cause of this issue, so I can hopefully avoid it in the future; It is pretty damn inconvenient.

@MrEntropy sorry if this isn’t helpful - if you bolused for anything within 4-5 hours, active insulin starts a new countdown… older models let you input active insulin time (the default time used to be 4 hours).

I don’t have the 670, but I assume it doesn’t transfer the active insulin to the automode, so it has to wait until it’s 0 units.