Medtronic 670G in Brisbane Australia

I have had T1 for 46 years and as a GP with special interest in diabetes for the past 23 yrs I have seen many changes. Having been on the 670G with CGM for the past 6 weeks ( average glucose 7.0mmol with no hypo’s) I firmly believe the 670G with CGM feedback is the greatest advance in T1DM management since the development of glucometers in the mid 1970s. The step i made, 6 yrs ago, from basal bolus to pump and CGM with “suspend before low” was a great step , giving me 6 years of hypo free. But HbA1C did not come down ,( Probably because I did not have any hypo’s to artificially lower the HbA1C ) The 670 is a great advance , as it takes out all those high excursions when I stray. Yes Drs also stray!! I think that all T1DM people in Australia should be hammering on the door of their local member of state and federal government to make this fantastic advance available to all T1DM who want it, also make sure there is a supply of fellow health professionals to educate everyone on how to use it.

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it’s always better to hear from a doctor who actually has diabetes, then to be preached to by a doctor that has no idea.

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