Medtronic 770G vs Tandem/Dexcom

My husband has had Type 1 for 40+ years and is thinking of going to full Medicare - right now is on my work insurance plan. He’s on a 670g Medtronic pump, and it’s made our lives more normal with the shut off if he goes low at night. Is there another pump option that has the shut off which is covered by Medicare? Or in your experience does Medicare cover sensors etc for Medtronic?

@Hope4b Hi Kathy, and Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! Here you will find many people like your husband who can offer suggestions to many aspects of life with diabetes. Most folks here, like me, offer “non-professional” thoughts based on personal experiences.

The Tandem t-Slim x2 infusion pump paired with Dexcon G6 sensor has automatic insulin suspend, as well as ability to increase basal insulin flow, and also will automatically deliver “correction Bolus” insulin. Currently, it has the most advanced FDA rating - iAIDs [integrated Automated Insulin Delivery system]. My pump supplies, and my sensor supplies are covered 100% by Medicare; I had a small DME co=pay when my pump was delivered.

Just last week, CMS [Medicare] published in The Federal Register its intent to fully cover all [? I think FDA approved] CGM sensors for Medicare Beneficiaries; this new regulation will probably become effective shortly after expiration of the comment period.

Dennis, thank you so much!

From Kathy Remmich