Medtronic CGM Warranty

What happens when the warranty is up on my cgm, do you get a new one? Can i upgrade to the dexcom? Because i thought my warranty was for a year but it was only six month.


When your warranty is up you can upgrade or choose something else.

@Gina ok thanks so much.


I agree with Gina that if your warranty is up then you should be able to upgrade to new CGM.

It sounds like you have the Medtronic CGM because they only offer a six month warranty they used to offer a one-year warranty.

It will be up to your insurance company obviously as to whether not they will fork over more money for a new CGM for you and you have to get your doctor to prescribe and probably give a reason why you’re changing your CGM.

Best of luck.


@ScottT ok and yes i have a medtronic cgm, thanks for answering my questions.