Medtronic Diabetes is recalling Quick-set(R) infusion sets

Hey Pumpers,

I just thought I should put this out there in case anyone missed what was going on with the "lot 8" quick-sets. If you have a MiniMed Pump and use Quick-Set infusion sets, you should read the letter below.

Medtronic Diabetes is recalling Quick-set(R) infusion sets that have lot numbers starting with the number "8". These infusion sets are used with MiniMed Paradigm(R) insulin pumps. We are taking this action because we identified a small percent of infusion sets that may not work properly.

By now you should have received a package from Medtronic Diabetes that includes:

    * A letter
    * A pre-paid UPS return label
    * A pre-paid postage reply card

If you have NOT received this package:
Please know the same information provided in your package is also available online. You can also complete our online notification form to get your replacements in process.

If you HAVE received this package and not yet contacted us:
Please complete our online form to let us know you have been made aware of the recall.

For questions regarding this action, please visit our web site for additional answers.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience of this process. We are taking this action to ensure your safety and we are doing all that we can to make this as easy as possible for you.

At Your Service,

Medtronic Diabetes
Toll Free 1.800.345.8139