Medtronic guardian sensor and transmitter

I was diagnosed a year ago with T1 at 26 years old. This is my first summer with my pump. I work as a full time teacher and also have a part time job at an ice cream shop in the summer.

My sensor and transmitter keep falling out whenever I work or am active (which I would like to be more often). I have tried injecting in my abdomen, back of my arm, and thigh.

Equipment is expensive, and I cannot afford to keep changing my transmitter before the full week is up.

Does anyone have any advice or brands of tape that have worked for them during summer? Or any positive thoughts to help ease my frustrations?! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi Paige @plafave, let me offer you a Warm Welcome to TypeOneNation Forum! I hope that you find here information that will help you travel through a wonderful, active, productive and enjoyable life. There are many people here who have journeyed more than 40, 50, 60 and even 70 years while living with diabetes who are willing to share success and things to avoid.

I have NOT used the Medtronic Guardian sensor but I have used several Medtronic/MiniMed pumps and infusion sets as well as Tandem infusion sets and Dexcom sensors. And I live in very humid and sometimes hot Florida and I’m very active outside including being off on my bike for six or more ours during the summer. The key to keeping your sensor firmly attached [recently because of supply delay I kept a sensor and transmitter in place through two “sessions”] is clean, clean and clean again the site and let it ‘air dry’.

Even directly after a shower I re-clean the site because soap, conditioners, lotions, etc. all leave something behind that may not work well with the adhesive. for me, before I start opening the sensor package I vigorously scrub the area with a washcloth and clear cool water and let the area remain exposed to dry. I have also used Smith & Nephew “IV-Prep wipes” in the entire ares where I’m placing the sensor or infusion set.

Let’s hear from you during your T1 journey.

Awesome! Thanks, Dennis. I try my best to clean my site and also use an IV prep. I just order a new tape I am going to try also - Simpatch. I will make sure to clean, clean, and clean again! Thanks!

Hi Paige. I am also fairly new to pump treatment. I started on the Medtronic 670G system a couple of months ago. I used a Dexcom G5 CGM before that. I’ve never had a problem with the tape coming loose and the transmitter or sensor falling off, but, I do take some measures to help keep them on well. But, I have heard that some people do struggle with this. If you have a CDE, you might ask them for tips or the company. I’ll just share some things that I do. If you have naturally oily skin, I’d make sure to wipe with alcohol swab and let dry before application. Also, when I in in shower, I don’t stand and let the water hit directly on my sensor. I turn it away from direct water contact. And, I don’t submerge it in hot water like in a tub or hot tub. I avoid saunas. I don’t let soap, shampoo or conditioner with moisturizers get near my sensor site.

For quite a while I watched many online videos of how to apply the two pieces of adhesive to the site. The order in which you put the tape is tricky, so, I’d pay close attention to how they suggest it. Do you ever cover up the entire thing with adhesive? I ask because, I wonder if that causes the area to sweat and too much moisture makes it stay wet and fall off or fail.

Just some things to consider. I hope that you find out what’s causing the problem. Please post your outcome. I know it’s frustrating when things like that happen. ALso, when there is a problem with the sensor or transmitter before the week is out, I’d call the company and let them know. They may be able to replace it. I’d at least try.


I have to agree with Dennis on scrubbing. I normally do sensors after a shower, so I scrub the new site with soap in the shower. Afterwards, I spend a minute scrubbing the site with rubbing alchohol on a clean paper towel. I let it air dry, then scrub again. I also try to slightly stretch my skin before applying the adhesive. If you stretch too far, the tape wrinkles and folds when you relax, prying the adhesive off your skin. If you dont stretch the skin enough, when your skin is fully stretched, it will rip the adhesive loose because the tape is not as elastic as your skin.

Im a mobile forklift mechanic here in Texas, so I go from -10 degree warehouses to sweltering +100° warehouses daily, contort into wierd positions to get to bolts or wires, get all types of greasy, do strenuous tasks like hefting 200 lb wheels into my van or onto an axle, and regularly scrape my sensor on sharp edges through my shirt. Through all this, I can tell you a properly applied sensor will survive for 7 days, and an improperly attached one will fall off on day two if you’re lucky and had an easy day. For me, a good tape job looks slighlty crinkled after a few days, not too tight or loose, but has a little give. No giant ridges where is came unstuck and folded into itself. Medtronic will send you extra adhesives for free, you dont even need to tell them why. They will replace sensors that have fallen off early, even if it was due to user error/abuse. You just need to develop a sense of skin stretchiness for a given spot, and you’ll have some excellent applications.