Medtronic Infusion Sets

Hi all!

I'm going on the pump in about a week or so.  Because I'm 18 and at college, my dad is making all the calls to insurance and my nurses about my pump.  He called me to ask which infusion set I would like and I can't make up my mind because obviously, I can't tell which one I prefer.  I'm leaning towards the mio Infusion set (no, not because of the pretty colors haha) because it has everything wrapped up in that little container thing.  Here is the link to the website:

All the infusion sites have video demonstrations.  Please let me know your opinion.



Unfortunately, I think you are going to get all sorts of different answers to your question; people like infusion sets for different reasons.  Personally, when I started pumping, I was using the Comfort Short sets.  Over the past couple of years, I've tried out about 3 different ones, and now I use MY personal favourite, the Cleo 90.  You will really have to experiment with different ones to figure out which one you like best! 

Wow, new infusion sets from Medtronics.  That is news to me.  I have only used one style infusion set since I began using the pump 7 or 8 years ago (not sure).  Since it is the one I am used to and it works I am satisfied.  I'll have to read over your post and see what the benefits of the new design.  Good luck on your Insulin Pump journey.  I love having mine It makes Diabetes control easier.