Medtronic insulin pump hacked!


That was one of the many reasons I filed the complaint with the BBB about the one I had. I took a bg reading and it was wireless to the pump, but the pump shut down completely(off) like no battery off. They did not address that issue in the papers they filed back. Just to clarify, I sent many emails and called many times to be ignored by Medtronic and CCS Medical... I use syringes now.

That is scary ... if hackers can get into out pumps .. and they say they can, and the FDA says the risk is low ... WOW we all should ask Medtronic to recall all RC pumps... I know someone would have to be crazy to want to kill another person, but why risk it?  

I wonder what JDRF says about it.

Having been a code writer and knowing the entry spots for computers, I know the wireless ports are many and not well protected from anything. The JDRF and ADA are not talking about it, they just don't have the secret code to release an opinion and hackers look thru codes to find access points. If the security isn't there and they let it go, what's to stop someone going to a large gathering of T1's and shutting it all down? Terror works on many levels and I would hate to think about the code writers just not having enough substance to write the security themselves so it is safe for users. I mean these things cost more than 200 bucks, and smartphones can handle hackers... Makes no sense to me at all.

This is freaky, but I think it's a non-issue.  If someone wants to kill you, they'd find a way to do it whether they could hack your pump or not.  My strategy is that I'll be extra nice to anyone I know who's computer savvy enought to do me in. =)

KK - I agree with jennagrant, but if they can fix it - they should.   It's just a risk that can be resolved.

Scott-I see that you posted this a year ago.  I never heard of it before but I was I was working in a prison when I first got my pump and the first question I asked was whether there was any way it could be hacked.  The diabetes educator laughed and said, of course not!  Has this been fixed?

I have no idea if they have fixed it or whether they would even admit it was possible.  But look, it uses a blue tooth to send results to the pump, so I would assume that if someone really wanted to they could hack it.  I am sure that the pump is not "visible" as a default setting, so someone would have to actually have your ID.  I am not too techy, but my friend says anything could be hacked that sends or receives signals.

MMT-7703NA 916.5 megahertz

MMT-7703WW 868.35 megahertz

New Story from Forbes:  


I am getting the new 530G Medtronic pump.  I will ask them about security features.

when I saw the demonstration (proof of concept) it raised my eyebrows a bit.  

there is a proximity limit to communication, you would likely have to be in the same room with the person trying to communicate with the pump.

honestly, I am not bothered by it,  but the right move is to complain to the FDA, not JDRF, ADA, Minimed or the pharmacy, if you are concerned - file a complaint.

I am not bothered by it either.  I think it is simply a issue that pumpers should be aware of about using technology.  Of course, if some wanted you dead they would have to be Very close to you - so close that it would be easier to drop a brick on your head.

Filing complaints Joe, esp. with the FDA is wasting time.  You either accept the fact that it is possible or don't use a pump. But thanks for sharing what is probably true an the over reaction by the journalists who stir the pot!


I always say I don't watch the news for news, I watch it like you'd watch "The Jersey Shore".    Regarding the issue - I also think that if [anyone] feels strongly about it, the FDA medwatch is the proper place to at least log the complaint.

they are not going to leap out of their chairs, and they don't have cars with flashing lights, but they do track and investigate complaints...eventually.

I can barely get my medtronic pump to sync with the carelink USB. They literally have to be on top of each other for it to work, so if someone wants to kill me with my insulin they would have to be right beside me, in which case they might as well just use my pump!

My husband is a computer software engineer and he thinks it's a pretty lame thing to try to do anyway. Someone would really want to have it out for you to want to mess with your pump! Might as well just poison you some other way, and who is afraid that someone is out to poison them?

Plus, most people think I have a pager and are unaware of pump technology. Even books, TV and movies with people whose pacemaker has been hacked is pretty far out.  It's not going to happen unless you've really done something wrong and someone with the technology and time is out to get you.


Side note: did you try contacting Medtronic about your carelink? They actually have a Carelink support line when you dial the number from the back of your pump. Maybe your USB isn't working and they can send you a new one?