Medtronic minilink real-time transmitter CGM

My 7 year old daughter is wearing the medtronic paradigm real-time revel minimed pump.  We also purchased the glucose transmitter but haven't put it on her yet.  She has only been wearing the pump for a month and we are still learning how to put it on and operate it ontop of changing basal and bolus rates.  Plus she is Autistic.  This has been very challenging for her and us.  Our doctor would like us to try soon the CGM but it looks pretty painful and we check her bg levels all the time anyways.  Of cousrse if would be less maybe with the CGM but will she be able to handle the glucose meter stick along with putting on the pump(double sticks).  We have to hold her just to put the pump on with a quick set that helps but we can't imagine putting in the transmitter too.  We would have to put it in her behind area since this is where the pump is.  She has been leaving the pump alone so far(not pulling it out) and her behind area seems to have the most fatty tissue on her skinny body.  Has anyone  experienced this (putting the CGM on) with their child and has it been very helpful or not really?   

I don't have a child with diabetes, but do have the Revel pump and monitor.  Inserting the sensor is not really much more painful than inserting the infusion sets.  In my opinion the "inserters" are the worst part.  For the infusion set I don't use it, I just insert the needle by hand, but I can't make myself do that yet with the CGM sensor, I think because the needle just LOOKS so big.  I know it's silly.  I did want to mention that I use the "Sillouette" infusion sets, which go in at an angle instead of straight.  This helps if there's not much body fat to work with, (like a child) plus it is flatter and less noticeable under clothes.  If the Quikset doesn't hurt your daughter, you may not care, but if you find you're hitting underlying muscle you might want to give the Sillouett'es a try.  

  I think the CGM has been somewhat helpful, but I think you could use it for a week or so a month and it would be nearly as good as wearing it all the time.  It really doesn't replace finger-sticks, it's mostly useful to helpful to refine basal rates and carb-to-food ratios.  

Good Luck!