Medtronic Minimed Paradigm 522 Real Time for Sale


Please accept my apologize if this is out of forum- but I am just trying to find a taker for the latest and greatest of the minimed pumps... the Paradigm 522 Real Time system that communicates with the One Touch UltraLink meter and CGMS which can be purchased separately as a system. We tried this on my 2 yr old and she just isn't ready and didn't take to it well. we tried it for 3 days so its virtually new. details are below. If you have any ideas of other forums where we could have success, please let me know!  Seems like a win-win to be able to sell this at a fraction of the cost to someone who could use it.  we are saving for a next generation pediatric size pump in the next year or 2.  more details below:

 Lots of freebies included. $7k total value.
Pump and pump cover are PINK.
here's what's included:
- Paradigm 522 pump in Pink
-One Touch UltraLink Glucose Meter
- pink soft case cover
- approx 40 Reservoirs
-approx 40 Silhouette infusion sets
-Original box and manuals plus CD Rom
- Pump clip

thank you!