Medtronic Minimed Paradigm Revel?

Is there anyone using the new Minimed Paradigm Revel pump/cgm system?  I am about to purchase and would really love some user feedback!  I read good things about Dexcom 7, but Minimed's works together with the pump.  The more I read, the more confused I get.  I am already on a 5 year old pump, so it is out of waranty.  I could probably buy any system after insurace approval.  I was approved for the Dexcom 7 but put a hold on it so that I could get the pump/cgm system that works together. 

I am not on the Reveal 523/723 system. It seems to be a minor upgrade from the Paradigm 522/722 system which I am on. It has smaller basal delivery rates of .025U/h, and it gets around the problem with using the meter link with the CGMS. If you used the meter link with the 722, every BG you take would be used to calibrate the pump. I guess now it asks if you want to use the reading for calibration or not.

I have really enjoyed my 722 pump, and am just about to pull the trigger on getting the MM CGMS system and probably upgrade my pump at the same time as I am unemployed, but trying to use up my flexible spending money before I pay the entire amount in. That would help me blow through another $400+ the cost of the CGMS.

Well, I may be getting the Revel pump sooner than anticipated.  My pump broke last night.  In doing so it inadvertantely game me about 70 units of Humolog all at once.  I had to go to hospital emergency to counter act that much.  Pretty scarey for me. 

Medtronics was excellent.  I will get a temporary replacement pump tomorrow morning and they began the trail for the Revel pump at midnight last night.  Gee whiz.  I would like to resign my membership in the Type 1 club.  If only I could.  How do I manage my glucose levels with out any basal rate insulin.  I can't get my glucose below 200 dl/mg.