Medtronic Minimed Pump 12/23/14

Hi everyone.
I am 11 years old and I have been on the Medtronic Minimed Insulin Pump ever since December 23, 2014. It is helping me a lot with controlling my blood sugars. I have one complaint though. I have been getting a lot of “No Delivery” alarms on my pump. I called Medtronic and they had me troubleshoot it and there were no blockages. Does anyone know why it keeps going off? Other than that, the Medtronic Minimed 530G is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone.

Not sure what troubleshooting they had you do, but it could be that you need to try a different infusion set. Depending on how much fat you have and where you’re inserting, you could be getting really close to the muscle and that could be causing some issues.



I would call support and tell them you keep getting no delivery alarms and that you want them to send you a new pump that you don’t feel comfortable with this one. I find it odd that support didn’t send you one already.

The “No Delivery” alarm typically means the pump tried to pump insulin and detected a blockage, or the pump got to the physical limit (the end) of the reservoir, or the pressure sensor inside the pump has a malfunction. (only the third thing means you need a new pump) for me, the most important thing is once the alarm goes off, you might not be getting insulin and can become very sick very quickly. make sure you are testing, and you have a backup plan. good luck

Hi DJ [I’m also a “DJ”],
As a couple of answers here already say, it could be your infusion set or the site you are using or more possibly that when you filled and attached the reservoir you got a drop of moisture [insulin] in the vent holes. Try a completely new reservoir, infusion set and implant in a different location. You don’t mention the type set you are using so y analysis may be incorrect.

Keep up your good intentions and keep trying and keep learning about your body reacts to different foods, exercise, etc. And don’t hesitate to ask questions.

I am 66, but I am slim, almost no body fat. Been using Minimed since 2008. In a lot of cases I hit muscle when inserting infusion. I can tell because there is a little pain with it. I am pretty sure I have a lot of scar tissue from previous insertions. I have had Medtronics offer to find new places to insert, but at my age, I’m running out of spots. Also…had a whipple surgery in 2008, so I was limited to areas from the get-go!