Medtronic MiniMed Pump RECALL

Today the US FDA issued a recall of 600 Series MiniMed / Medtronic insulin pumps. Certain pumps are delivering too much insulin. The detail is in this FDA publication.


It seems that not all pumps are defective though. So, is there a protocal? Mine seems fine…oh, i just heard that you are supposed to inspect and if it appears okay, keep using. I guess we’ll wait for more information.

hi @HighHopes contact minimed, make sure they know you have a pump on the recall list, they will find an get a repair approved, and then they will most likely exchange your pump at some point. This is what they did when my pump motor recall debacle happened a few years ago.

here’s the recall advice

  1. Examine the retainer ring on your pump.
  2. If the reservoir does not lock into the pump or the retainer ring is loose, damaged or missing, discontinue using the insulin pump and revert to a back-up plan of manual insulin injections per your doctors recommendations. DO NOT insert the reservoir back into your pump while connected because you could mistakenly give yourself a large insulin bolus, and go to or contact our Medtronic 24-Hour Technical Support line at 1-877-585-0166.
  3. If your reservoir properly locks in place by the retainer ring, continue to use your pump. Remember to always follow the Instructions for Use on how to correctly insert the reservoir.

While I use Tandem and not Minimed, I was curious about the ring so I Googled it. Please do your own research but here is a picture I found showing rings ranging from good to damaged. Again, please do your own research but this is an FYI.

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