Medtronic Pump/CGM Battery Life

I recently switched from the Deltec Cozmo pump to the Medtronic Insulin pump so I could get the Continuous Glucose Monitor. I have been on the CGM for about a month now, and one thing that I have noticed  with the CGM in use is that the pump battery only last about a week and a half. When I was using the Deltec Cozmo my pump battery would last for at least a month. I just find it aggravating to have to change my battery once a week. Does anyone else experience this problem, or have any solutions?

I have noticed a slightly shorter battery life with the CGMS going. But not to the extreme that you are talking about. I have the 722 pump and I have it constantly on vibrate. Using the CGMS, I am still getting over three weeks or so from my battery. I wish i could give you a more exact time, but since I am not having that problem I never noticed how many days exactly.

I am sure battery drain is different for each person depending upon settings, bolus, basal, etc. However, I cannot see them being that different. I mean your setup could so different that it could be draining the battery, but are you doing many rewinds and primes that the pump is more active than the just plain background functions? Is it anything out of the ordinary? And before you started to use the CGMS were you using the medtronic pump and if so how long was the battery life for you?

Thats interesting, when I was on the Deltec pump my pump trainer told me that the vibrate setting tended to drain the battery more quickly so I didn't use it. Currently I am using a pretty standard setup and I don't rewind or prime my pump more that anyone else would. I only had my pump about a month before I started the CGMS and I don't recall having to change the battery more than once. What brand of batteries do you use for your pump?

I doubted that you would be rewinding the pump any more than normal. However, I just figured maybe something else could be causing the battery drain. I use the Energizer Max Batteries in my pump. My friend uses Duracell batteries though. Normally she has about a battery life of three to four weeks as well. She said that if you call medtronic and ask them or tell them your problem they will ask the battery question as well. It could be a flike. Like I said, I have never run into that issue, my friend though this past week had about a 2 week battery life, but again she was usning a non-energizer battery.