Medtronic Pump News

Has anyone heard anything about what Medtronic has planned for it's next generation of insulin pumps?  I thought I read something about a tube-less pump, but I have not seen anything official.

i have a medtronic pump and i went to a class with my parents on it. the guy doing the class said that they were doing something with a bs monitor and insulin in the same set. its one set with two needles, with the bs monitor on the top. i hope what i just wrote makes sense! sorry if it doesn't.

Thanks Katie.  Good luck - I appreciate your follow up.

I heard that there is going to be one without tubing, like the Omnipod.  And I also heard that they're working on something called an "artificial pancreas", it monitors your blood sugar and when you eat it automatically gives you the insulin you need, you don't have to put in how many carbs you ate.  I don't know how long it's going to be before they get it, but I heard about it like 6 months ago.
I have a Minimed, and my mom gets e-mail updates, so if i hear anything new about it, i'll be sure to post about it.

I've heard so much about the Omnipod, can ya'll tell me what's up with it and why it's so good? I really need a new pump. Mine is just to big. 

Basically, the omnipod is an insulin pump, without tubing.  It has like a little PDA looking thing that you use to give yourself insulin with.  The infusion set has the insulin in it, and it automatically injects the catheter into you, you don't have to manually inject it, you just use the PDA thing and tell it when to inject it.  And this all sounds really great, but the down side I had was that the infusion set (otherwise known as the omnipod) is really big.  I don't wear my clothes so tight that I can't breath, but I wear them so that they fit my body, and the omnipod would stick out.  But that would be for you to judge yourself.  You can go to their website and learn more about it.  The website is  Or your doctor should be able to show you one.

I decided against the OmniPod because of the size, and because my doctor said that Medtronic was suppose to be coming out with their version of the OmniPod soon.  And I had just gotten my Medtronic Minimed, and was happy with it.  I love my Minimed, it's small enough that i can put it in the pocket on my jeans, and hide it.  What kind of pump are you currently using?

That's interesting. I'm using the minimed paradigm too. Yeah, it is small.....but not that small in my opinion. I was working with a girl who had T1 as well and she showed me hers and it was literally half the size of mine with the same infusion set up. I wish I could remember the name of her pump! You could barely see it. I guess it depends on how you hide it as well. It was so small, she was able to keep it on her hip in the lining of her underwear. I usually just keep mine clipped into my front pocket looking like a pager. Haha, I just want to get one that is a bit more discrete. All in all I guess that the omnipod isn't for me then! :) Thank you though

I used to clip mine on my front pocket, like you're talking about, but then I discovered, if I use the smaller clip, and clip it to the inside of my pocket, then it looks like I just have a cell phone in my pocket.  I was concered about people seeing it at first, but now it doesn't bother me, because my friends know I have it, and they don't judge me.  They often forget I have diabetes because I hide it so

I have heard a few fleeting things about the Omnipod-like Minimed (no release date to my knowledge).  I like my Mimimed 722 (not too big, not too small).  They sell all kinds of things that hide the pump under clothing.  I just put mine on the waistband of my jeans (scared of it falling out of my pocket even if clipped).  Most people don't even notice it or think it's a beeper or cell phone anyway.  I know that the Minimed has CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) if your insurance will cover it (mine won't) or you can afford it without (I can't yet).....I am looking forward to the day one of those two things changes. :o) 

I'd love to hear about any new updates in technology for the pump!

I'm about to go on the minimed pump - would love to hear everything you can tell me about it.  I've just recently found this website and would love to hear from anyone about the current one,  Thanks

I am on the Minimed, and in my opinion, it's the BEST thing!!  It is easy to use, easy to hide, and it makes life with diabetes so much easier.  If it is your first pump, putting the infusion set in takes a little getting used to.  I'm sure this is the same with any pump.  It's just different than giving shots.  But I got used to it, and now it's nothing.  I love this pump, and I think you will be happy with it.

i am thinking of getting the minimed with the glucose monitor for my 7 year old son, just having hard time to decide which

company to go with but do want to glucose sensor for sure and i understood that not all pumps have the glucose sensor.


I was in the pump it up class last week, looking into a few suggestions regarding the pumps and I understood that they medtronic

will come up with something like the omni pod, tubeless pump, wonderful.

this sounds wonderful, let it happen soon and fast.

It is my first pump - so I am a little nervous.  Had the sensor for five days and had to get used to that, but my sugars are so all over the place that I'm looking forward to getting my life back and not being such a slave to my Thank you so much.  How are you sugars now?  Do you get many lows?  would love to hear more.

thanks so much

I don't have the sensor.  I just have the pump.  And my sugars are better now that I'm on it.  I'm not saying that they're perfect, and that everything will be great once you get on it, because I do have those days when my sugars are high and I don't why.  But overall, I think I have better control over my sugars with the pump.  It works for me, and I think it's the best thing for me to control my sugar with, but it may be different with you.

[quote user="Ellie"]

It is my first pump - so I am a little nervous.  Had the sensor for five days and had to get used to that, but my sugars are so all over the place that I'm looking forward to getting my life back and not being such a slave to my Thank you so much.  How are you sugars now?  Do you get many lows?  would love to hear more.

thanks so much

[/quote] I really would like the glucose sensor for Daniel, are you happy with it??

I only had the sensor put in for five days, this did not sound an alarm, it was just for Dr. to see what my daily control was like.  Please let me know what you think of the pump, I should be starting it in the next couple of weeks and am a little nervous too even though I know it will give me a lot more control.  I'm going on the Minimed.  The sensor though, didn't take long to get used to.  Hope this helps!

I've been on a pump for over 20 years. It's GREAT! Obviously, you still have to check your BG's frequently, but what a nice change from multiple shots per day. I've actually been on some version of the Medtronic pump for, well, I think 15 years. It's come a LONG way! The pump is excellent and the company is great. Great support. Also, wearing it 24 hours a day takes a little getting used to (especially when sleeping), but after a short while, it's very natural. I hope you like it!

I haven't heard of one from MiniMed/Medtronic, but I am aware of a tubless pump called "The Pod". I've read some good things about it.