Medtronic Revel


I have been using the Medtronic Revel pump and was wondering if anyone knew if the warranty covered the screen? I had my pump clipped on my pocket and I bumped against the side of my desk and it scratched it up pretty bad...Didn't know if that was something could be replaced or not. Also, do any of you know of any kind of screen protection to help protect it for future use?



I started with a new defective pump and they wouldn't exchange it until I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They don't care about you, only your money. You can extend the life of the plastic parts with Armor-All wipes for cars, it may even take out some of the scratches on your screen. I send mine back in two weeks or less, they send me a refurbished one in place of the cost of a new one. Just using the remainder of my canulas and I'm done, back to syringes for me, I can do without all the greed Medtronic stands for, but that's just me. Good Luck!  

Have you called them to ask? I always found them to be quite reasonable,  but I didn't have that many problems. Is it hard to view the screen? That might make a difference to them. I always got a next day replacement when I had a problem.


I've had multilple replacements from minimed for broken pumps, it would have been next day but i was unlucky enough 2 of the times to break it on holiday weekends, when UPS doesn't ship =( Idk if they cover the screen under warranty, i have managed to scratch just about every one of mine, but i didn't really worry about it. but if you can't see anything you might have to do something. I am on animas now, only because it's waterproof, and they use screen covers on the pumps. If you get a new one you can get screen covers for cell phones that you can cut to size, that might help.