Medtronic Sensor for my 9 year old

I was wondering if anyone had their child or themselves using the sensor feature with their medtronic pump? My son has been using it for two weeks now and I need some words of wisdom or advice. Any tips too would help. Thank you!!

Hi Jan.  My son Adam uses the sensor sometimes.  He is 7 and really hates putting it on.  He's been very stable lately, so we only use it when he is starting school, or when he is sick.  What problems or concerns do you have?  Do you use the numbing cream before putting it on?  I have found it is very helpful for times when he is experiencing highs or lows because it shows what direction he's going.  There is definately a delay (sometimes about 10 min.)  It is great too when he has had a growth spurt and we need to figure out what basal changes to make.  We also leave it on longer than 3 days.  I know the Dexcom model was approved for 5 days.  We also use an IV dressing over it to keep it on better.  Hope this helps.  Amy

My son has had the Medtronic CGM for a little over a year now.  We love it!  He is very active and has frequent lows and it has helped us to catch many before it was a dangerous situation.  We do leave the sensor in for more than the recommended 3 days and have also learned to put in the new sensor and wait at least an hour before plugging in the transmitter to allow the sensor time to get wet.  We also cover it with a sterile clear bandage.  It has awakened me on many nights and alerted him to come inside and check.  We started putting it in his hiney and he doesn't mind the insertion there.  A little more meat :) I am a fan.