Medtronic shipping questions

I updated my pump back in April to the Medtronic 722 with the CGM on it. Before I updated when I had odrdered supplies it would typically take a week or less to get my supplies. I recently called and ordered some more sensors for the CGM said that it would take up to 14 days, no big deal thought they would just say this because they wanted to give enough time for it to get there. Well, the 14 days past then 14 more, finally after about a month I finally got my supplies anyone else have the problem?



Hey Josh,

While I have not had an issue with the CGM supplies becuase I don't use it, I have had delays with the pump supplies.  They've had a hard time catching up with demand since the recall for the lot 8 sets so I know I'm getting mine a box at a time.  Another issue that they've had is that they have closed a couple distribution centers.  I used to get mine in about 3 days but now it takes a good couple of weeks.  It makes me wonder if the supply is down across all products because they don't have the distribution centers to store the product.  Give them a call and find out what the issue is.  If you are out, they normally overnight the supplies to you until they get caught up with demand.  Good luck.


my mom ordered me some cgm sensors and it took a few days to get here.  it was amazingly fast.

Yeah, I was left with no infusions sets after they recalled those lot 8's and now I am getting them a few at a time. One time I even got 8 of them not in a box just rubberbanded together. I'm sure that has something to do with it and I got to thinking that maybe my Insurance was a little slow at giving them the approval, to send them out agian.



I have never had any problems with pump supplies. (Knocking on wood here) Usually, I order my supplies right when I open the last box I have.

I sent back my recalled Medtronic infusion sets more than 3 weeks ago but haven't received a new box yet.  Just ran out of the one box they sent to carry me over.  Calling the supply co again tomorrow!