Medtronic supplies ~ free

These items are free. Would like help with postage. They are practically new.

2 packs (20) ~ Minimed Reservoirs; MMT332A ~ 3:0ml
expires ~ 2023-08-07

7 packs (70) ~ Minimed Quick Sets; MMT398A ~ 6mm needle, 43" tubing
expires ~ 2023-05-01

5 packs (50) ~ Minimed Reservoirs; MMT326A ~ 1.8ml
expires ~ 2022-10-11

Interested, message me, thanx

thanks for trying to get these to people that need them @go2dave

the quicksets are usually listed by depth (6mm/9mm) and length of tubing (eg 23 inch) and have a MMT number which would be more descriptive. if you can update this post I think it would be helpful.

You can check in with your endo in case they know of a family in need.
there are also donation organizations such as the ones here:

cheers and thank you!

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Thanks Joe,
I find it hard to navigate this site! And, I have such a fabulous memory ~ lol
Thanks for the reminder.
Had it in my notes and forgot to put it in.

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I sure could use the 2 packs (20) ~ Minimed Reservoirs; MMT332A ~ 3:0ml
expires ~ 2023-08-07 How do we set this up? Thanks, Mike

Sorry, Michael, just found out my next door neighbor is diabetic and wanted everything. Good luck in your journey. Thanx

will take it off; as; soon as I figure out how to do that…

I can close this for you @go2dave . No worries