Medtronic users?

Hello, My name is Brad, Been using a Medtronic paradigm revel pump with a CGM now for almost 2 years. Seems like there arent many folks on here that use Medtronic pumps. Am I missing something? Why Animas? And how is your control with Animas? Medtronic was recomended by my endo and I was been very happy with it. I was just wondering why there seems to be fewer users of Medtronic than there are Animas. Any input would be great.



Hello Brad,

I've been on a Medtronic  pump for over 15 years and LOVE It!  Not sure why it may seem like there are more animas users, but i can tell you from experience, that i love my Medtronic.  I've been on the CGM too and although its not always perfect, i feel more often than not it seems to be pretty accurate and was the saving grace in keeping me under control while i was pregnant with my second.

One thing i love about Medtronic is their customer service.  More than once i have gotten low on supplies and they have overnighted enough so that i can make it through until my next shipment.  Also, once my pump did malfunction, on a weekend, while i was on vacation in Hawaii... Not sure how they did it, but I had a new pump within 24 hours (received it on a Sunday via special carrier).  That's going above and beyond in my book.  

BTW... your A1c is great!!!  you're docs must LOVE you :)


    Thats exactly how I feel! I love my Mini Med, it is without a doubt the best tool I've ever used to manage my diabetes. And from what I've been able to research, it is the only pump in which the bolus wizard actually tracks "on board insulin" which has been my saving grace. I was having lows that threatened my ability to do my job. Plus with a CGM I feel more comfortable knowing what my sugars are doing.

     I had to call customer service once also and they were great. My pump had malfuctioned and over the phone, they walked me through all the steps to "test" the functionality. All was ok, apparently the resivour has a vent so the plunger doesnt compress air and stop. Well they had me remove the resivor and reinstall it and the pump worked just fine. They were very understanding and I recieved outstanding service.

     I also am lucky enough to live very close to a Medtronic Diabetes Rep. That has been awesome as well. She is always available any time I have a ?. I call her and she always answers. I love my pump and will never go back to injections.

     Yes my endo is very pleased, he actually said once, "I wish all my patients had control this good"

I have been using a Medtronic pump since April 2011.  My a1c's have been awesome!  My last bloodwork was 5.8 .  I have had one minor problem with my pump, and the people at Medtronic were more than helpful, and shipped the piece out to me immediately.  I also had a problem with my glucose monitor, and Medtronic gave me all the information to contact the company and get that taken care of, as well.  I am in no hurry to try any other brand.

Hi Brad,

I am relatively new to the insulin pump (only been using the Animas Ping since July 2012) but used insulin shots for years prior to that. I do not use a CGM. I do know there are a number of medtronic pump users and Animas pump users - it's all a matter of personal choice/preference. Like you, my endocrinologist recommended that I go on the Animas pump but she did show me the Medtronic pump that was available. I did a lot of research on both pumps and ultimately ended up on the ANimas pump. If you have been happy with the Medtronic pump, and if it has been working well for you, my suggestion is to stay with that. I go to a bi-monthly insulin pump support group and some people in it who have been diabetic for years have switched from the medtronic to the Animas pump and hate it. I think if something really works for you, unless you really want to switch, to do so. Otherwise, when it comes to diabetes, why switch what already works? Like the adage says, 'if it's not broken, don't fix it!"

There are a few positives I found about my Animas pump that are lacking in the medtronic pump. One of the biggest ones that I found is that with the Animas Ping, I can give myself a bolus of insulin from my meter and the meter 'speaks to' my pump so when at a restaurant or in public, etc. I don't heve to pull out my pump to give myself a bolus, I just tell my meter to give myself a bolus and it automatically syncs and programs with it to do so. One other aspect I like about the Animas Ping is that there is a 24 hour/7 day a week hotline - and believe me, I have called that number at 1am (EST) easily to ask for help - someone is always available and I've found their customer service outstanding. Even when I was running low on supplies they sent someone directly to my house until more supplies could be shipped. However, based on the other responses below it seems like Medtronic has that same feature so I wouldn't say that it is an advantage over the ANimas Pump. Additionally, I've compared the size of the Medtronic pump to the Animas pump, and the Medtronic pump is smaller. As a woman, that is something I consider since I like to carry smaller things related to my diabetes rather than larger - if it can be helped. The other positive that is marketed at least - by Animas is that their pump can be sumerged in water - although I never place my pump in water at all. Also, my diabetes educator pointed out that the Animas pump is easier to download in terms of data when I go into the office for a visit than the medtronic pump (but that's probably why she likes it better than the Medtronic pump and told me that was the case). She also showed me that the Animas pump is easier to read with a backlit light and the medtronic pump data was hard to read on the pump. All in all, I do like my Animas Ping - but I've heard from others in my diabetes support group they really like the Medtronic pump a lot and wouldn't switch it at all. I hope this has given you some insight on the differences of each.


yes it has, thank you. I was lookiung around and saw plenty of posta about the Animas but not so many about the Medtronic. Maybe I was missing them I do not know. At any rate I'm glad you like your Animas. I love my Medtronic. As long as we are staying healthy it does not matter how we deliever our insulin, right? Was just curious. Have a great day!

God bless,


I have been using Metronic pumps since 2003 and the sensors since they started in 2006. I am very happy with them but still waiting for the enlite sensor, which is due out "soon." Maureen

I think Medtronic is still the most common pump. Like Tina said, if the Medtronic is working for you then you should probably stick with it.  

I've used one for 10 years and the only pump that I've considered switching for is the tSlim.  They're just recently approved by the FDA and have begun shipping.  I'm due for a new pump, but the tSlim is setting up their distribution system so I won't be able to get one this time. Think it's actually a blessing in disguise because it has some kinks that will get worked out in later versions.  This reviewer on Diabetes Mine covers it well.

There's also a Medingo Solo, which is a smaller tubeless pump that allows you to do simple boluses without a remote.  I tried a demo of it 2 years ago and liked it a lot (and I'm not a fan of tubless pumps like the OmniPod).  Unfortunately Medingo Solo was bought by another company and it's delayed making the pump available in the US.

Hi Brad. I've been using the Medtronic (722 now, was on the 522) for about 7 years. I've had no complaints and love their customer service too.

I've been on a Medtronic pump since 1998 (started with the 507C).  I'm currently on the Paradigm Revel 723  and it is amazing how they have changed since my first pump.  That gives me the encouragement I need on those tough days that one day, they'll cure this disease!!

I cannot imagine switching pumps because I have managed the disease very well with it.  Minimed is a great company with great products.  

The data given by the carelink is extremely valuable in making adjustments and for my diabetes educator to look at when I need her help.  My first pump was so "basic" when I think back to all the things it could not do!  Enjoy whatever works for you, especially if it makes your life better!!

Hello all!

I have been using a minimed  pump since 2004. I have had the 712, 715, 722, and now the revel 723.

I recently upgraded to the 723, because my warranty was running out on my 722. My diabetes clinic recommends 3 pump brands: Minimed, Animas, and omnipod (the reason why they only like these three is not really relevant to the point I want to make).

The main reason I chose the revel 723 is that it holds roughly 300 units of insulin, and that was by far the largest reservoir available. That is roughly 3 days of insulin for me.

I know other people like the animas because it has a lot of features, but the 200 unit reservoir was not enough for me. same for the omnipod. I know a guy that uses about the same amount of insulin per day as I do, and he wears an animas. I also know he changes his site every other day, and that's okay, because he is happy with it.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it has a lot to do with personal choice.  I am definitely happy with the minimed, sans the occasional infusion site problems, which honestly have to do with the infusion sets, and not the pump itself. On a side note, I recently switched to the mio infusion sets, and they are great! I highly recommend them!

Besides being the oldest pump company around, they have great customer service. I have had to have insulin pumps replaced 3 times since 2004, because they stopped working. One actually fried, and stopped working altogether. I happen to know for a fact that that has been known to happen to all brands of insulin pumps. However, without fail, minimed has had a replacement for me within 24 hours.  

In closing, I am in a position where I talk to kids in a pediatric diabetes clinic that are interested in starting pump therapy. I always tell them that I don't care which pump they choose, but that I highly recommend pump therapy. That's pretty much how I feel. As long as you are happy with your pump, and it works for you, that is all that matters. Personally, I am very happy with the revel.

Don't place your bets on Medtronic rooting for a cure. Imagine the $$$ they would lose! LOL

in 2010 medtronic had about 58% of the entire US market with Animas at another 12% these 2 pumps still currently rule the domain.  it was also estimated that the entire US market for insulin pumps in 2010 was 460 million dollars worth. to put it in perspective, Medtronic gross 2012 earnings was 16 billion dollars, so in fact, medtronic could probably care less if there was a cure for diabetes -  since it's about 1% of their company - I am just glad they haven't outsourced the insulin pump department to China.

edited:  oh, I'm sorry Brad, yes I am a minimed user, had 2 minimed pumps so far, they've been great, for me it beats the pants outa shots.