Medtronic vs tandem

I use the Medtronic 670G and for 6 months I was in a clinical trial using the Dexcom 6 and the Tandem pump and not the 670. As soon as the trial was over, I contacted both Tandem and Dexcom. I LOVED THEM!!!

I do love it, but there are cons for the Tandem pump/Dexcom G6:
The belt clip is attached to the pump - it cannot be removed.
The pump insulin cartridge takes longer to fill than the minimed
The insulin cartridge has to be changed while 9 units remain unused
The packaging is obscenely large

Pros of the tandem pump/dexcom 6G
No more finger sticks.
Accurate readings
Modern look on the pump
Smaller than the MiniMed
Updates available

Hope this helps.

Hi @jvendramini . The Tandem clip does not attach directly to the pump but can be attached but or vertically to the case - although it can be challenging to remove pump case. I set my Tandem to alert me when I’m down to my last 10 units, although I believe it goes down to 5 before you have to change it out. Filling does take longer but it’s something I adjusted to. Besides, it seems we’re all about speed these days and it might not hurt to show down a bit.
I love my Tandem/Dexcom - made the switch from Medtronic around 10 years ago and have never looked back. A large draw at the time was Tandem’s sleeker look - Mestronic’s pump at least at that time looked much bulkier.

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On the latest Dexcom, how many days does sensor last and can it be extended, though I’d think that is not recommended.

Good morning. Dexcom’s sensors last 10 days. I’ve seen posts on the internet (though not here) about ways to extend them, although as you say is not recommended. The methods I’ve seen require popping out and reinserting the transmitter, which can be challenging.
In some ways I’m overly cautious, and I would be afraid the sensor filament might get damaged as I tried to remove the transmitter; or that the transmitter might be damaged if sensors are left in too long. But some people say they have found ways to do it. I don’t know about accuracy afterwards.

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Thanks. I’m weighing my options. It seems that when I think I’ve made up my mind, I read something new and I’m reminded that no system is perfect. Eventually, I’m going to try the other system…it’s just a matter of when, I suppose.

No, they do not. I love the Dexcon ease of use, iPhone capability, and the ability to see my BS via the iWatch. I’m active and riding my mountain bike or my jetski, this is a nice feature. The CGM solution from Medtronic is just too aggravating to use and with fewer features.