Hey guys!

  So, I'm using a Medtornic pump, and I went to change my set today and had an issue with my resivor...I filled it with 300 units and was priming it...but It pushed about half the resivor out before the pump decided it was actually priming. This has happened with one of my previous Medtronic pumps, and I'm totally unhappy to see it happening yet again...I haven't even had this pump that long either...I'm not going to waste 150 units of insulin to prime a pump that just worries me about correct dosage now...Have any of you had this problem with your Medtronic before? If so, PLEASE get  back with me and let me know what you had to do to fix it...




Never had that problem and have had Medtronic pump for years. I suggest calling customer support. They're really helpful. I'm pretty sure you can get a replacement pump if you send them your current one.

The first pump I got did that, along with some other program faults. If you got this directly from medtronic then go back to them and best of luck.  If you got it from one of their third party suppliers go back to them and again good luck.  There is an issue with the function of the pump, it may be defective and nothing you can do about it, except replace it. I ended up wasting almost an entire bottle of insulin before I figured it out.

Definitely get it replaced.  I've had 3 different medtronic pumps and never had that happen.

I'm sure you have by now but if not I would contact Medtronic.  We got my sons pump from a third party supplier and when it malfunctioned Medtronic sent me a replacement and a return envelope for the one I was sending it back and they even overnighted it.