Medtronics QuickSet Paradigm

I continue to have problems with my Medtronics MiniMed 630G and “insulin flow blocked” messages and then of course my BG rises above acceptable levels. Last time this happened, MEDTRONICS said the pump was malfunctioning. They sent me a refurbished pump and the same insulin slow blocked messages occur. I’m beginning to think it’s the infusion sets and will address this with Medtronics. Has anyone had similar experiences?

It is my opinion, @NavyGal83 , that a good number of people experience occlusion and kinked cannula with the quick set, the mio, the Pod infusion System and any plastic type infusion set. if I am too close to muscle I get the same error and I am forced to move my set. If it happens way too often, I encourage you to try a steel set like the Sure-T. Cheers good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Thx Joe, I’m reluctant to use the steel set but think you’e right. Appreciate the feedback.

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I have gotten those errors. I notice that the 670 only has one error message which is insulin delivery blocked. Interesting that I correct the error on the pump and restart the auto mode without checking the tubing or cannula and it works fine. It seems to be related to an internal calculation error.

I have occasional blocks with my Metronic 670g, but they usually either correct themselves on retry or appear to be related to careless routing of the infusion tubing. I have only had one occasion when a replacement of the infusion set was required.

Hi Ann. I use the 670G with the Silhouette Infusion Set and have never had an “insulin flow blocked” message. I’ve been on3 versions of Minimed pumps over10 yrs using Silhouette the whole time.

If you think it is the infusion set that is giving you issues, why do you have a reluctance to use the Sure-T (steel set)? When I used the MiniMed system, I loved the Sure-T set until it started going into my muscles (ouch that hurts).
Also, per what I was told by upper management in Tech support at Medtronic MiniMed… They don’t use refurbished pumps for the 630/670 systems like they did for the older model pumps. They actually send out brand new pumps… (it is more difficult to refurbish the 630/640/670 pumps with the newer technology and colour screen than it is for the 551/751 (530g) 554/754 (Veo), or older pumps…).
Even though I have not used my 630g in 18 months since I replaced a malfunctioned pump that put me into DKA. It just went out of Warranty 9 May 2020…

I guess I’m just a little afraid of the steel needle as well as I don’t like the fact that it has two adhesive patches instead of the one I’m used to. I wear a CGM also so don’t have much “free space” ready for use.

Okay. The “second” adhesive is what is called a “Anchor”. It has no needle, nothing to do with anything other than to release tension on the infusion set and prevent it from being pulled out. The needle is at one end, under one adhesive area, then some tubing, another adhesive area called the Anchor that has the quick connect, and from there you connect to your tuning to go to your pump. That second adhesive is just there to PREVENT the site from being pulled out…
don’t use it and FEEL how nasty it feels to have a steel set be yanked out of your skin and then be be poked and poked again and again and again, and you will quickly learn to use that anchor. (I remember the OLD Disetronic Rapid-D sets that I used with my H-Tron YEARS ago and it did not have the anchor and that hurt)…

Yes thanks I’ve researched it. Medtronics suggested I try a shorter cannula so I’ll do that first.

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I had similar issues, the shorter 6mm cannula worked for me. Good luck!