Meeting other T1s

So I'm not sure if any of you have noticed, or if its just me...It's REALLY hard to find people in the area I live that have type 1 diabetes who isn't a young child.  I love juvenation and reading what everyone thinks, but would really enjoy forming some sort of group where locals can meet once a month or something and just talk about, diabetes, ect. 

If anyone is interested, and lives in the Dallas area, let me know! :)



I'm surprised you haven't found anyone living in a big city! I seem to find T1 adults everywhere. Someone I studied abroad with in Paris, someone I worked with in Boston, the Mom of a child I worked with in DC, my Mom's massage therapist, a grad school classmate... I *love* having another T1 at work in case I run out of test strips. (; (;

Our local JDRF has adult meet-ups if you register online. Does yours have anything like that? Could you plan a get-together and advertise at your endo's office?

I'm with you Chelsea.  I'm in Tulsa and I don't know anyone with T1.  Would love to have someone here that I can talk to locally.


I havent seen anything on the JDRF site for my area, but I'll have to check. I like your idea about maybe advertising something at my endo's office. Maybe plan a dinner at a local place and see if they will help advertise it. ( I like your thinking :d ) Thats amazing that you know so many people! Im sure it can help alot. I really just want some friends who can relate to what i'm going through you know?

Chelsea, in my area I called a local hospital. They gave me the phone number for the local diabetes support group. I went to 3 or 4 of their monthly meetings. The only people going to the meetings were type 2's. I was the only type 1, so I stopped going. The guest speakers and presentations were clearly oriented to type 2 diabetes.

In your area there is so much population that there may even be a support group for type 1's only, just like this website. You might call a few hospitals in Dallas and ask about support groups. Even if some of both types attend meetings, you could make friends with the type 1 members. Then you might start a small support group for type 1's.