Menstruation and BGs

Do any of you notice changes in your BGs during your periods?  My endo always wants me to log my periods so she can see patterns in my BGs. 

oh ya i'm always higher that week and a few days before.

partly cuz i pig out. lol

ha!  Yeah, that makes sense!  If it's any consolation, my doc says it has something to do with the hormones...

Are your numbers WAY higher or just a bit?

My numbers are all over the place during my period. A few days before, I'm really high, and then during, they will be high one day and low the next. I'm not one to have huge cravings and eat a bunch during my period- I'm in so much pain that I usually don't really even eat much at all for the first couple of days- so I blame the insane numbers on hormones.

i usually can't STOP eating cuz it helps the's bad cuz i pig out on junk haha.


my numbers are usually on the higher side. rarely ever do i get a low during.

Haha. Eating just makes me want to throw up.

I fall somewhere in the middle of all of this.  The week before my period, I am ravenous and eat everything in sight.  Once it starts, I have no appetite and I am in pain and feel bloated and gross, so then I don't work out....  I am not sure about the hormones, my mom always asks me if it messes with my sugars but really it messes with my routine, so of course it changes my sugars... 

Yes, my BG's are way higher in the high 200's.  That is high for me.  I usually feel muscle weakness and extreme fatigue at BG's above 180.  I am "regular" :)  haa,  I am anemic and have been all my life, I think it has to do with my super heavy periods.  They are usually 10 days and on a steady montly cycle.

my BG's go crazy when i get my period. i can go from being 300 to 60 in 25 minutes when im on my period.

I have a question about blood sugars affecting periods. I got my first high blood sugar reading in February 2009, which is also the month that I had my last period. I am taking birth control pills, so I would expect shrter lighter periods, but I should still have one. has anybody else ran into this? The nurse at my doctor's office didn't seem very concerned, but it just doesn't seem normal to me.

I really can't provide any answers for you, but I certainly think that 6+ months with no period, although maybe pleasant, is something to look into.  Maybe there is another underlying problem...  I would recemmend that you make an appointment with your endo ASAP!

back when i was in middle school & high school, my blood sugars were consistently high every day during my period, like i was rarely low or normal. and then i guess around the time i got in college, my range of blood sugars increased and i started having more lows and normal numbers. but currently, i dont even think to make a note of my period when it comes to my blood sugars.

Because of being on the pill and some record keeping I was about to figure out what day I need to raise my basal rate 40% for exactly 3 days before my period starts. When it starts, 6 hours later I lower my basal it back to normal. =)

It works for me but every person is going to be different.