Mental illness with T1D

Any other diabetics out there been diagnosed with bipolar, depression, anxiety, etc.? I was diagnosed with Diabetes when I was 11 and then shortly after is when the mental illness started but I wasn’t diagnosed with bipolar, or depression until my freshman year of high school. Since then, I have struggled a lot with both. I’m not sure if diabetes and mental illness are related or not.

Here’s an interesting article about the link between diabetes and depression. They’re not sure of the causality yet, but it appears there is definitely a link.

I struggle with depression and anxiety, not currently medicated so I just manage it through supplements like calcium/magnesium, exercise, and sunshine (it actually works in my case). The bottom line is that we deal with so much stress due to the disease, from having to be so dang aware of everything we eat/drink, having to check BG several times per day, anxiety about what our next A1C will be, concern about potential complications…it’s a wonder the depression rate isn’t higher!

Some things that have helped me are to adjust my attitude about it. I’m not the type to say, “I control my diabetes, it doesn’t control me”, because the reality is there is only so much I can control about it. But I can manage it. I check my BG several times a day. Notice I don’t say “test” my BG, because who wants to constantly take a test they might fail? Nobody, right? But if you check it, it gives you a number that can tell you what to do next to make it better. If you’re high, give yourself a correction bolus. If you’re low, eat some candy. If you’re good, then that’s cool. Write your numbers down for a few days at a time or download your pump/meter to see if you can identify any trends. This will empower you and make you feel more capable of managing this silly disease.

I’m sorry it took my so long to write back. I’m still getting use to this site. Diabetes is a 24/7 job. Managing diabetes is one of the hardest jobs us diabetics will ever have.

Hi , i’m Jim 56 & i’ve had diabetes since age 4 , 51 years , i’ve been having trouble with depression & i’ve been getting help with that . Overall i’m doing well, but would love to talk more with anyone that has this
type of things too .

I get sad & lonely & hope I can talk with some nice women on here feeling the same way .
thank you,

I to have been given the t1d with bipolar and severe depression, the depression was 1st as I had Thyroid cancer then about 2-3 yrs later I was told that I am bipolar. Since then it has been quite the experience, I was always lead to believe my having depression and bipolar was due more to a change in brain chemistry after the cancer but I’m not so sure and glad to know I’m not alone but wish no one ever had to go through the battles we do.

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I also struggle with mental health issues (bipolar and anxiety) along with T1. There are some days when I am completely discouraged and that is scary for me.

Hi there, though it’s been awhile since your post, I’m still going to offer my opinion (or feelings). I definitely believe that depression and anxiety are related to dealing with Type 1 Diabetes – especially if a person has had it “awhile”. There is something called ‘diabetes burnout’ that can cause unbelievable stress. We are all usually hyper-aware, thus worried, about the ups and downs of this illness. Since insulin is a hormone (and many people don’t realize this), it can really affect our moods. I’ve recently gotten a Dexcom CGM, and it blows me away me away to see the trend graph. My ups and downs were crazy. Now I’ve really been more on top of testing, injections, stress, illness, etc. Anyhow…dealing with a very serious condition can cause emotional worries, but empowering yourself really helps.