MENU HELP with my 14 month old boy--HELP!

Hello all --

So we were just diagnosed 3 weeks ago.  It already was a challenge to get him to eat vegetables and now he hates them.  You know why?  Because we've pushed grilled cheese sandwiches (20 carbs) and peanut butter and jelly (26-30 c) on him and it's easy. 

He'll tolerate chicken nuggets as long as there are fries, mashed potatoes or mac and cheese at the end.

Fruit is not a problem, he'll eat most.  We do the no sugar fruit.

Any suggestions for veggies?  He simply won't eat them.  We try, every meal.  He throws them on the floor. 

Also, do any of you have a good site for menu planning for a toddler/baby?


Charles (Daddy of Benjamin)

Melt cheese on them. My 16 month old wouldn't eat them either, he also loved grilled cheese and PBJ sandwhiches. Just yesterday I decided to try the chesse melted on green beans he gobbled it up like it was the best thing he'd ever had. I always feel like a failure when I am trying to feed him but I am pretty sure now that no matter what veggie it is he will eat it with cheese. And the good thing is that a slice of cheese only has 1 carb! I hope it works as well for you. You know though having just been diagnosed 3 weeks ago it will take time to get him adjusted to the new diet anyway, I know it took my son a while to get used to it. It is hard to give them variety and keep within the carb limits. Best of luck.

Just getting back on this site.  I really appreciate your reply.

Thanks Amber.



Maybe try grape tomatoes cut in half. My son is 3 and loves them. He was dx on May 28, 09. So we are new to this too. I'd just keep trying on the veggies, just as you would with any toddler. One day he just might surprise you and eat them just cuz he's hungry. How about peas? I bet it is hard with such a little guy who would probably be picky even if he weren't diabetic. You just wouldn't worry so much.

I just got a great book called The Sneaky Chef, written by a mom with two hyper-picky eaters.  She basically puree's veggies into different colored glops, and then adds them to the appropriately-colored foods.  Yams and carrots in the Mac-n-cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches; cauliflower and zucchini in the mashed potatoes, etc.  In small amounts, it won't effect the taste or texture.  I read a review of this book that suggested using organic baby food in the same way, to save time.

If your child is anything like mine, the "you have to present a new food 12 times before they will try it" rule is a bunch of booey.  I make "one pot" dishes with the veggies mixed in, and he picks every single veggie out, even if it takes 1/2 hour.  I tried putting melted cheese on veggies, and he just picked all the cheese off and left the veggies.  Ranch dressing?  He just sucks the Ranch off and leaves the veggie.  And, he's eight.  Sometimes, you just gotta get sneaky.

All that being said, don't get too stressed about diet.  Make sure they're getting a decent muli-vitamin (preferably without all the sugar!), and keep an eye on their intake over the course of a week.