Metformin, SGLT-2 or GLT-1 Experiences

Hoping you fellow Type1’s can share some of your wealth of experience.

There is great deal of discussion in the med community on the efficacy of Metformin, SGLT-2 (ref. Jardiance, etc) and GLT-1 (ref. Victoza, etc) usage with Type 1 diabetics. You see on this forum folks’ experiences on specific drugs.

What has been your Type 1 experience using Metformin? Was it prescribed just for insulin resistance? Did you get the expected outcome? Any side effects expected or unexpected?

Anyone transition (or skip Metformin altogether) to an SGLT-2 or GLT-1 inhibitor? What outcomes were you hoping for? Did you get the expected outcomes? Any unforeseen side effects?

Anyone use a combination SGLT-2 + GLT-1 together (maybe off label)? My doc mentioned the GLT-1 has the potential to reduce DKA risk of the SGLT-2, while providing the A1C drop, weight loss and cardiac benefits, but the studies are not complete.

Love to hear your insight and experiences as insurance companies seem to be starting to loosen the approval for Type 1’s off label RX.

My doctor prescribed Invokana (SGLT2 Inhibitor) for me a few years ago. I was trying to shed a few pounds, but it was becoming difficult, due to my insulin needs changing.
I’d lose a pound and my insulin needs would drop, leading to more hypoglycemia. This would cause me to take in more calories and thus hit a weight loss standstill or gain.
With the Invokana, I dropped my basal rates. This caused my blood glucose levels to rise, but kept me away from hypoglycemic episodes. The Invokana ensured the extra glucose was dumped and lead to beautiful CGM readings. I was able to maintain normal glucose levels, while reaching my weight goal.
I don’t take it anymore, as I reached my goal and didn’t need it, but it did a nice job while I was on it.

Jennifer, congrats! Nice to hear a great success story. I have been thinking of these drugs as necessary to to be taken continuously (lower cardio risk, decrease BG spikes, etc) to treat T!D for a lifetime. I never thought about their use in short duration. Appreciate the education!