Metformin tapering and menstruation

Hello, I have been on metformin for the past couple of years because I had a higher than normal testosterone level (I am a type 1 diabetic, so not for diabetes). About 17 days ago, I cut my metformin dose in half. My question is has anyone had a late period due to decreasing metformin? I am 2 weeks late (I am 48 years old, so it could also be the start of menopause (which would be much better than being pregnant for me I have to say!!!))? thanks!

I got nothin’ on the metformin question, but I’m 47 and had a late period awhile back that was late enough I went ahead and used the pregnancy test that’s been in my bathroom since we conceived my 10 yr-old. It was negative, and I haven’t been late since, but my money is on menopause for both of us. :slightly_smiling_face:

srozelle, thanks for your reply! I was just thinking that it was strange that I received absolutely NO REPLIES to my question after 2 days since any time I have asked something on this forum, I was bombarded with answers in only a short time. I guess this question doesn’t pertain to too many people out there. I will be using a pregnancy test this weekend if I don’t get my time of the month by then. I did hear that there is some hormone that is high when you hit menopause that could yield a false positive on a pregnancy test though, so that won’t be good. I guess, if it is negative I am not pregnant, but if it is positive, it still could be menopause. Rooting for a negative!


My mom had a sticker up on her bathroom mirror the whole time I was growing up that I didn’t really, truly, fully understand until recently. It said, “Stork, go home!” :slightly_smiling_face: