Mid - night lows and morning highs - any advice?

Hey everyone, 

This past month I've had a lot of trouble waking up with a blood sugar in range. I am either hypo or hyperglycemic. What's happened a lot is I go low around 11-12 and eat to bring myself back up. The problem is it seems kind of random as to what happens next. Sometimes I go low again, others I'm fine, so I tend to have a larger snack to prevent myself from going low once again. Often times though, this leads to a morning high. I reduce my basal starting at 8 pm to try and prevent a low and raise it again at 1 for the dawn phenomenon. I am just wondering if anyone has experienced a problem like this and has any advice for how to solve it. Thank you


What time are you eating dinner/snack?  And how much later after you eat are going to sleep? What are you treating your 11-12 am lows with? And how low are you going?  Besides your basal rates I'd also look at your evening carb ratios. 


If things keep changing you might need to dring this to your doctor who will most likely tell you, that you need to do the random nightly tests and try to track where the changes happen. It could be the snacks you are eating could be having an effect. Are you eating heavy carbs or something with complex carbs that in its breakdown lasts longer which could give you a high. I started to eat at night as a late night snack if I need it, the glucerna bars. It has been very good in the fact that it barely raises my sugars, yet it keeps me from having the nightly low or the morning high.

I am eating dinner around 6 pm, and going to sleep right after 11. I treat the lows two ways, with dextrose (which will eventually cause me to go low again) or dextrose and some granola bar (which usually puts me high). the lows range in severity, but I would say on average they are mild. I don't think the carb ratio is the issue because If I put it any higher, my blood sugar rises to high after dinner and I need a correction bolus. Maybe, it is in part to my correction boluses as well. I might try those glucerna bars though brian, thank you for the tips. 

I don't know what type of granola bars you typically eat but many of them have a good amount of carbs and not a lot of protein.  I would definitely choose one that is lower in carbs and higher in protein for a night time snack which I believe glucerna has.  It sounds to me that If you treat a low with dextrose and later going low again you need the protein to carry you threw the night.  Also, correction boluses relate to your insulin sensitivity.  During the night my sensitivity is 1:65 where during the day it's between 1:40 and 1:45.  So  I agree that your correction bolus is something to consider.