Midlife ups & downs with type 1 diabetes (41 years)

Hi, been type 1 since 8mths old and now at 50.5 - the inability to regulate my sugar levels is enough to make one want to scream. I’m not as active as I used to be. Yes, I know that doesn’t help but the lack of energy doesn’t help along with the horrific curves life and others throw in my directly. So you guys know the game, Stress hits - sugar up or down - try to manage that along with the other responsibilities we’ve got. This Is a Full Time Job and it’s more exhausting than any work I’ve ever had or could imagine. Now on disability which is extremely helpful, I fine myself panicking because there’s no guarantee. I spent the majority of my life dedicated to raising 4 children - so there was no input to social security which means I’m below the end of the financial totem pole. God forbid if anything comes up, there’s no way to afford it. Yes, I am complaining but I’m so peeved with the government and how they dictate every single penny we earn or are even gifted. Makes one hyper vigilant which doesn’t help the sugar levels!!! Ya Thank?! My faith is waning too at times - Sorry God (but you know this) I have to constantly find it within myself to stay on track yet occasionally the “F” it’s hit and they hit hard. So how does one cope? If I hear “One day @ a Time”, it better be in a gentle whisper that helps to comfort cause I’m not feeling the “love.” Sorry I’ve no words of encouragement guys - I guess I’m the one who’s at the end of a rope. Any words of support would be a blessing. Thanks - Dannette

Hi everyone,

I have been a Type one diabetic for 31 years. I was diagnosed at 13 years old. I am in relative good health. I am a little frustrated with the diabetic research that is being presented to all of us.

Where is the studies on vitamin supplement recommendations for Type 1 Diabetics. Our bodies are in constant turmoil and I am sure that exhausts various vital organs and nutrients. Why isn’t there a formalized Nutrition supplementation program that is endorsed by the medical field?

I have experimented with various supplements over the years. Chromium GTF has lowered my need for insulin significantly. Seems important to me??? The lack of documented support in this area makes me feel like the obvious cures or really treatments are being neglected. Is money and Pharma the only driving force for a cure?

I’ve read Niacinamide and Vandium can stop type 1 from developing if caught soon enough. Where is all the JDRF money going if it isn’t looking at what actually works?

I hate to sound like a homeopathic rebel but at some point shouldn’t we be looking very closely at supplementing the ravages of type 1 diabetes on the body and supplementing to replace what we lose?

Seems obvious to me!!! I feel like we will look back on this period in say a couple of 100 years and say what the hell are these idiots doing. Nature is powerful but it needs just as much research as medicine.

Totally frustrated and lost hope on any real progress. Seems if they can’t patent it and make millions no research is being done or very little is being done.

I just started to make real changes in my diet. I gave up meat and any flour based products and dairy. I feel better and my sugar levels are really good. I supplement with Vitamin C, E, D, Chromium, Alpha Lipoic Acid, a good multi and B complex.

Wish we had more support in this are?

Has anyone seen the study by Dr Faustman in Boston? She is using BCG Vaccine to try and cure type 1 diabetes. Why isn’t JDRF getting behind that research? Seems like a possibility and very inexpensive for the cure.

I feel like we are all on our own when it comes to nutrition, exercise, supplements. Wish we had as much research in those areas.

God bless and stay strong!

Exercise Everyday!!!

True, insulin did save our lives I’ve had diabetes for over 50 years now. But the question is, why haven’t they cured the problem? I think the reason is that they make a lot of money keeping us “addicted” to insulin. About a year ago I spoke to a fellow who designed a blood glucose monitor that could be used with an artificial pancreas. He was taken off the project because they weren’t interested in actually fixing the problem. According to him they make too much money having us all zap our fingers for times a day. Fortunately I’m on Socialist insecurity and my strips don’t cost me anything. When I picked up my insulin today I was talking to the pharmacist and I told her thank you for having a job and paying into Social Security so I could take part of her paycheck.