Might have a endo for Ri here in town soon

if I dont slap anyone silly first. Her primary doc said I have to take a diabetes education class before any of them will take her. I think its a bunch off bull crap cause I told him its crap that testing more is lowering her a1c's even tho studies show it doesnt. I have been doing this for a year and know good and well they wont teach me anything new.

Oh and I also argued with him because he told me to up her levemir more all the time and that its ok if her BG drops more than 40 points a night cause she can afford it. He is a idiot. If her BG is 150 at bed time and she isnt hormonal I would have to treat a low every night before 4 a.m.-ish hit and she has DP (or what I guess it is anyhow) and it goes up on its own!! I know this because oh wait I test her 1-3 times a night!! Jerk face doctors who read one study and lump everyone into irk me to no end! I know my kids not them.

Oh then he also asked me when I treat a low I said anything under 80. He said well that isnt really low. Most people dont know they are low until under 60 and that its ok for her to get that low. I hate doctors and I swear if all this BS doesnt get her into a good endo I will quit not her but doctors and only discuss prescriptions with them not her D.

Sorry you're having so much trouble, Jessica!  But I think you're right--trust your instincts.  Considering than none of those doctors are endos, I would do what seems to work best for Ri.  You know her body and how it works better than the doctors do, and hopefully you can get her into an endo soon.  Hang in there!

This sounds very frustrating. First and foremost, the doctor sounds like an idiot. Personally, when I go to a primary car doctor, I try to avoid diabetes unless we are talking about its relation to something else. I really only try to talk about diabetes care with my endo. However, I know you don't have the pleasure of a pediatric endo and I truly do sympathize with you on that. As far as the education classes, take it as a refresher course. I have been diabetic for 17 years now, and these educators are always trying to tell me stuff that I learned 17 years ago. However, once we get to the point where the educator realizes that I know quite a bit, the courses are usually helpful. I get to relearn some things that maybe I forgot and sometimes, get some new advice on supplies and other stuff that has really helped me. 

I think you need a new doctor. 

Oh I am going to take it just because I want her to have a endo tho my faith in all doctors is very little.


This is what really got me. He called a good friend of his who has a diabetic son to see what they would do in our case. I am like good for them one he is a boy and two not my daughter it doesnt matter what they do we have to figure out what works for her. I didnt say it cause I was done. I only went to him because she had been running over 300 for so long and I wasnt sure how to adjust her insulin myself because I know to much would make her drop and to little wasnt enough. I didnt realize she could have or that I could use 2 different insulin amounts for her based on hormonal times and not. I still have some tweaking to do with it but I know I am on the right track with this. All our insulin scripts say a certain amount and then or as needed. I can adjust it whenever I feel its needed I just wasnt sure how to go about it now that i do I am making the changes that are needed for her. So yeah at the time when I went to him with her about this I didnt feel I had another option with no endo. At least he is trying to get one in town to take her. The others just told me there was no endo in town and none offered to help me manage her D care.

So sorry Jessica. It's hard to believe a DR doesn't have basic knowledge of the kinds of things we go through.  Back in the late 80's when I wasn't getting insulin on prescription I had a Dr. write a note to the State to take away my drivers license!!!  I quit Dr.s for many years once I got my license back.