Might want to go back to shots

Ever since iv gottan this pump things have been down hill my A1C spiked my blood sugers are out of controll and im goin through supplies way to fast.So anyway during the classes they said the pump isnt for every one but i thought this pump would be the answer to all my problems but almost a year into it and things arnt to well.Like recently i needed more supplies and my parents need to pay for them if i go over my limit for 3 momths and just for inserts is $135 just for one box.So what im really saying if i did want to go back to shots how would i tell my parents?

Hi Ethan,

You couldn't really "tell them" you're considering the possibility of going back to shots, you'd have to tell them that "you have concerns about the pump and would like to discuss the possibility of going back to shots with them."  Why, might I ask, are you going through supplies more quickly than expected?  How many days afre you trying to get out of an infusion set?

I have been using a pump for a long time, but my son, Max, who is also on Juvenation (friend him), does not and never has.  He is very successful in his control with shots.  The fact is there are pros and cons to both the injection (MDI) and pump methods.  Both can succeed and both can fail.  Given your age and the fact that you are maturing, it is possible that the problems you're having are not due to the pump and that you may find, on going back to shots, that you will still have issues.  Don't get discouraged... this is normal.

I say again, that you should discuss your concerns with your parents.  Perhaps you should even arrange a meeting with you, them and your Endocrinologist or CDE.  (Remain calm :)