Milk and blood sugar

Is there any kind of milk that won't raise blood sugar? Sometimes I feel like drinking a cup of milk but can't because I don't want to have to inject another shot for it.

I can't think of one. But I will tell you it was a blessing this last weekend, our daughter had the flu and wouldn't eat but she would drink a big glass of milk every couple of hours. It's the only way I was able to keep her blood sugar up. 

So you mean you don't like drinking milk with meals?

One thing I sometimes did with my son was give him smaller servings - 4 oz of milk is 6 g carbs - making it almost a 'free' food (cut off of 5 g). If you were kind of on the low side it shouldn't shoot you up too much. Granted 4 oz of milk is not that much.

Now that he's on the pump we just give insulin for everything as long as he is in his target range.

Well, I sometimes will drink it with meals but sometimes I feel like drinking a glass at odd times of the day which makes it kind of hard. I will try your advice though with the 4oz of milk. Thanks for the help!

Every once in awhile I enjoy a glass of sealtest or beatrice chocolate milk which is made with splenda and has the same amount of sugar as regular milk. It is nice for a change sometimes. Sorry I don't know of regular milk that won't raise blood sugar.

Katey :D

I have never heard of those milks, where do you buy them? I was wandering if almond milk had the same effect on blood sugar as regular milk does, do you happen to know? Thanks for your help!

I haven't personally tried almond milk but I do know that some of the brands that I have looked at have hardly any carbs. The one brand that I have looked at is Silk which is available in Canada, I am not sure about the United States but I a lot of the brands I have looked at have the same amount of carbs. 1 cup is only 7g. That means you could half a cup for FREE! I totally forgot about almond milk, I think I am going to try some now. ;) I will tell you what I think. Silk also has one with no added sugar which equals 0-3g of CARBSfor a whole cup! I love FREE! ;) One website I read said that it was available in the United States, I am sure that there are other brands though if it isn't. About the chocolate milk with splenda, I live in Canada so it may not be available where you are. There might be a similar product but different brand where you are though. I usually find it in most grocery stores. It is tricky to find though because it looks just like chocolate milk and the "made with splenda" is hard to find. Here is the Silk website;r=1 You can use the almond milk in recipes too. I hope this helped and I will try the almond milk and tell you what I think.

I drink unsweetened almond milk and i havent notice any rises in my sugar from it.

Thank you SO much Katelyn!! I can't wait to hear what you think of the almond milk, I think that after what you said, I'm gonna try some too! I am always looking for new "free" things to try. :)

I'm not a fan of milk, but have been trying to get more calcium in my diet so I have been drinking almond milk. I did try the unsweetened, but didn't really like it. My favorite, of course, is the chocolate almond milk...but that has 26 g of carbs per cup so that won't help your problem of not wanting to take an extra shot. In the US, both Silk and Diamond have almond milk. Silk makes the chocolate one. In my experience, it's better to buy the refrigerated almond milk than to buy the kind on the shelf that isn't refrigerated....I just think it tastes better.


I love milk, and I just deal with the fact that it's a pretty high-glycemic carb by trying to wait 20 minutes between bolusing and having the milk.

That said, milks with fat in them will raise BG more slowly.  I'm pregnant right now, and so switched from skim milk to 2% for that reason.

Also, though it's not quite the same, I sometimes drink soy milk (not sweetened with any kind of sugar!) when I don't want to raise my BG.  My favorite is the vanilla Soy Slender, which is sweetened with Splenda.  I'm normally not big on flavored milk or soy milk, but really love this stuff.  It's far lower in carbs.  4 a cup, instead of the 11 or 12 that's in a cup of cow's milk.  Aside from health food stores, I've found it at Target and sometimes Walmart.

I will be sure to look for that soy slender milk! Thank you!

I just tried some almond milk today! If you like almonds you will love it! It does have a strong taste of almonds. I loved it and it didn't raise my blood sugar too much so that is great! I think that I will drink it more often! :D It is nice to be able to just drink something other than water for free. Hope this helps. ;)

AWESOME!! I love almonds so that works out well! Yay, I am excited to try it now! You were a HUGE help so thank you!