does anyone have a recipe or know of somewhere where i can get a low carb milkshake? maybe theres no such thing. but id like to know! ThAnKs!!!

hmm i dont know of one but thats a really good idea! u could use no sugar added ice cream?

this sounds pretty good...

thanks so much kelsey! ill definitly have to try it!!

haha no problem i kinda wanna try it too actually sounds pretty good! if u try it let me know how it tastes

k i will for sure!!!!

heyyy all i do is use no sugar added ice cream and look up a recipe on google lol.

but like i usually make my oown special kind and when i have a bad day and upsey about something i treat myself to one. and i put like peanut butter and the no sugar added hot chocolate mix. its usually like 60 carbs so its pretty high but like i treat myself sometimes.

Umm they aren't low carb or anything but they are really good. The milkshakes from Cookout. They have 40 flavors and then they have special flavors. They are really thick too. You can barely drink them through a straw. I just guess and correct.

wats the cookout???

i have some in a cook book. i will try to find them. one was a strawberrymilkshake i think

Cookout is a fast food restraunt. It doesn't have a place to sit except for outside. You walk up and order or you can go through the drive thru. It's really good.

o kool sounds like funn! i dont think we have any of those in minnesota...

They are. If you ever come to NC you should definatly go to one. They have great food and awesome milkshakes! :)

kool! thanks:)