Mind Body Connection

Is anyone else out there interested in the Mind Body connection with autoimmune diseases such as Type 1 diabetes.  I believe there is one... I am interested in hearing from someone who knows more about it.

?? How so-with type1.... ? The mind is powerful  but I don't know what could be done ? 

I am not suggesting that we could bring back our beta cells and be cured... I am thinking more in terms of cause.  I think maybe I need to make my question more clear.    I am interested in the link between emotional and mental stress and the possibility of that causing our bodies to attack themselves in physical ways and cause autoimmune issues.   Have you heard or read about this and what do you think?

Hi Kate, I don't know,but would like to hear more on it.I do know when I have been under alot of stress,I get sick easier. Sorry, not much help..