Mind boggling new incentive!

Recently my A1C has been around 13, and of course, my mother has to tell everybody she meets.

Well, just the other day I had my 16th birthday party, and my aunt came. My mother told her about my A1C and my aunt said that it is completely unacceptable. She told me that if I can get my A1C under 7, and keep it there for 6 months (that's 2 doctor visits), she will buy me an iMac apple computer system AND an iPad. that's a nearly $2000 purchase. I will be staying at her house for the first week in November for Diabetes training bootcamp. 

On another note, I will be able to get my driving permit since it will be under 8! 

If this isn't incentive enough, I don't know what is.

I don't think your mom should be allowed to tell people your A1c unless you're allowed to tell people how much she weighs....

Non-diabetics think it's easy to manage diabetes but I'd like to see them try it for a year or more.   Everyone has personal struggles in living healthy all the time.

Do you do shots or use a pump?  What is giving you the biggest challenge with your control?  Is your aunt knowledgable about real-life diabetes management?  

I had A1cs of 14+ though my teens and early 20's.  But I still managed to go to school, work, and have a good time.  When I was about 25 it hit me that having crazy highs and lows made me feel bad.  That's been the main thing to motivate me to do better.  Wish I could have figured it out when I was younger but I wasn't ready.

You'll make peace with your diabetes at some point too.  I try not to stress about my test results or my A1c anymore.  I know I've doing an overall decent job and I'm not some diabetes zombie who exists to count carbs and log my test results.  I'm a real person who has lived with diabetes 35 years.  That's good enough.  

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