MiniLink Real-Time Transmitter CGM(Continuous Glucose Monitoring)

My daughter is 7 yrs old and recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  She is also Autistic which makes it even more challenging for her and us.   She has been wearing the pump for a month now and we are still learning how to work with it.  The doctor would like us to try and use the glucose transmitter.  We did buy the transmitter with the pump but we feel that getting use to the pump first and maybe down the road  the glucose transmitter.  This would be another stick and it looks painful.  Does anyone use the CGM?    

Hi, Danakim!  My name is Anita.  I've had T1 for 48 years, diagnosed in 1963.  I have the Minimed pump and also use the CGM.  I agree that your daughter should get used to the pump first before trying the CGM.  It would be too overwhelming for a 7 year old to have both connected at once right now.

I love the CGM, although inserting the sensor is sometimes painful.  With the CGM, the pump alerts me to rising or falling blood sugars.   I have hypoglycemic unawareness (no symptoms of going low), so the CGM is very useful for me.  But it is not for everyone and it is not perfect.  Do as much research as you can before trying the CGM.

I hope you get opinions from other T1s.  It is better to have as many different opinions as possible before making a decision.

Best wishes to both you and your daughter.