Minimed 530 G pump and CGMS


Any feedback on the new system?  I am planning on getting one in a couple of weeks, but would like community input if you have had experience with this new pump.



I don't have one yet but will definitely get one. I have waited for several years for this. The enlite sensor has a smaller needle and is supposed to be more accurate. The pump shuts off which is not my favorite feature but may be helpful at night. I think all MM users have awaited this FDA approval, which took longer than they even expected.

I am anxious to hear how you like it.

I think you are correct about the FDA approval.  MM told me they would have to call me every 3 months for the next 2 years to make sure everything is working correctly.

I do get lows at night and I think the auto turn off will help me sleep better.

The needle size if 33% smaller on the enlite  ... I do lose sensors from time to time as they fill with blood as soon as i inject them into my stomach,  so I am concerned that now I will only get a box of 5 sensors.  My soft sensor can usually last 4-5 days without a problem.  

I am anxious to see how people are doing with this pump too. My warranty on my paradigm pump ends in December so I will be looking into getting it. Doesn't the FDA approval come with patient trial use? Where are these results/reviews?

A very similar pump has been used in Europe for several years successfully. I am anxious to get this one but will have to use the pathway program. They say it will take 3 months for me to get it. A few people have received the new pump and are apparently happy. They must have training and be followed up for problems, according to the FDA approval. We haven't heard much because very few have gotten it yet. They just don't have the supply yet.

Maureen, a pump made by whom?  What is the pathway program?  I can get mine right away, but I may wait until I have MSA account funded at the beginning of next year.  They are doing training here in the Gainesville, FL area.  I can't inagine it would be too different then the soft sensor and the 722 as I already have, but maybe I'm wrong.

They have told me they have all the Enlite supplies a the pump is the only one they are now selling - they have stopped selling the 723 and 523.

The Medtronic pump used in Europe is the Veo. It also has low BG suspend. I heard they are calling it the Minimed here because people "trusted" that name. (Years ago Medtronic bought Minimed) The Pathway Program lets you buy the new  Minimed 530 G for $400 when you turn in your old pump. I have the 723 now. They will sell the 523/723 to younger people until it is approved for under 16.

Thanks, I just checked up on it --- I like that it injects straight in and not at an angle.  It's like the mio which I now prefer.

Okay, I am up and running on the 530G – LOVE the ease of the Enlite injector – and i can put it anywhere!