Minimed 780g with Dexcom G6

Ho! Is anyone aware if there is a system (DIY or other) to connect Minimed 780g with dexcom g6 (instead of guardian G4)? Thanks

Hello @beppegol welcome.

The way looping works is it uses a 3rd party interface to read CGM data (like G6) and it exploits a security issue in the pump to make it give you more or less insulin. This works with very few pumps. The newer 780 will not have this security issue and so there isn’t any way to make it loop.

You can see looping info here

If you are a Bluetooth expert, there might be a way to read dexcom (there is already a way through nightscout or xdrip) but the trick here would be to build an emulator to transmit Bluetooth exactly the way the Medtronic guardian sensor transmits. That would fool your pump into thinking there is a guardian paired. I don’t see anybody doing that yet but it’s not impossible! Good luck.

So may be is there a system to connect omnipod dash with deacon g6? (Omnipod 5 still not available in Italy , I don’t know when it will be possible )


Hi Marco @beppegol yes you can loop with Omnipod Dash and Dexcom. according to loopdocs. I have never done it but others may have.