MiniMed CareLink Web Software on a Mac with OS X Safari workaround

I just found out how to trick Safari in order to log into CareLink to enter log info and view/print out reports.

1. Go to Safari  - Preferences - Advanced

2. Check the checkbox on the bottom which says "Show Develop menu in menu bar"

3. With your browser open go to Develop - User Agent and select Firefox - Windows

4. Type the CareLink URL into the Navigation Bar - it is

5. When it opens it will show the Firefox - Windows browser to be an error.

6. Again go to Develop - User Agent but this time select Internet Explorer 7.0

7. Now CareLink will open and you can log in with Login - Pass

8. That's it!!!


I don't know if there's a way to get the CareLink USB device to work on a Mac because I don't own one.


Oh snap! I will try it when I put my CGM back on. I have to take breaks in between or I go nutts.

It works!  THANK you!