Minimed CGM + Water (pool, lake)

I've been using my Minimed CGM since October, and I love it. I've used it almost every day since I got it.

Now, summer brings questions and challenges: Can I wear my CGM in the water at the lake or pool?

My Medtronic rep told me that it was waterproof when connected to the sensor. I've worn it while taking a long bath and had no trouble.

However, will pool chemicals (chlorine or bromine) harm the device? What about lake water, or even ocean salt water?

I found a Canadian advertisement for the Minimed CGM that says it is "safe for the pool", but I couldn't find one for the US.

Have any of you worn your minimed CGM while swimming in the pool or lake or ocean?



My son has been wearing his CGM for over a year now and we have had no trouble with his wearing it in the pool.  The only problem we have it the CONTINUOUS BEEPING of the pump when it cannot connect.  That can really kill a relaxing float in the pool! :)

you could either turn it off while he's in the pool and restart it when he gets out.....OR....have him get out every once in a while and sit near it so it gets a new reading.  that will stop the alarming.

I was shocked last year while in Vegas and in a swim pool.  When I got out and heard it screeching......I never even thought about it alarming because it hadn't been able to connect with me while in the pool.  Of course, the people with me who were at the table where my pump was sitting said NOTHING.........I guess I should have told them what to do if it started alarming.

The good thing was that it didn't come off while in the pool and once I got back near it and recalibrated worked like a charm.

The next time I swim, I'll just turn it off while I'm in the water!


MM722 (4 yrs) and CGMS (2.5 yrs)

I'm so glad you asked this question! I also got my minimed cgms sensor last fall and just went to the beach this weekend and was confronted with making the decision of taking it off or not before I went for a swim. I took it off just to be sure, but it sounds like it might work out to leave it on while swimming!

How can you turn off the sensor? I have a minimed 522 and I can suspend the pump, but it does not suspend the sensor.

From Home screen, pick Sensor, --> Sensor Setup, --> Edit Settimgs, --> Sensor, --> Off.

When you get out of the water, do the same thing thing, but pick ON for the last step, and then go back 2 screens and pick Sensor Start, --Reconnect Old Sensor .   I believe you will soon get a message to Enter Meter BG now and then have do anohter in the next 6's like starting a new sensor.

Hope that helps (HTH).  At least it turns off the screaming alarms while you're in the water.  Of course, if someone is babysitting your pump, they could just clear the alarms for you..

The newer Revel has more features that I believe will allow to turn sensor alarms off.  Not sure as I still have 722 model.


Thanks for all your help, everyone. I swam all weekend with my sensor on, and it is working perfectly fine. Yay!