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I got my Minimed CGM a couple of weeks ago and I am currently having problems getting the sensor started. I will insert it and go to Start New Sensor and then it will say sensor ready in two hours but it will say lost sensor after 15 mins. I am doing something wrong? Any Ideas?

Thanks Josh


I'm going through the same thing.  I've had my CGS for about a month.  The other day when I changed the sensor, I got the Lost Sensor alarm multiple times in a row.  Each time I went to Find sensor and after about the 4th time my pump and sensor started to communicate.  I don't know why this happens and it will be one of the 1st questions I ask next week when I go to my endo.  It is very annoying though.

Call the Tech support line.  I had the same problem, they helped me with it, but I can't remember what they told me , it was so long ago.    (I don't use them anymore).  Good luck, hope it works for you!



Do you have any blood when it goes in because for me that will make the sensor die. Also it can depend on how you inject it in if its at a wrong angle it won't work properly. Since you say its been a couple of times maybe the box of sensors are bad. Do you store them in a cooled area because if they are in a warmer place it will make the sensor go bad as well.

The best thing you can do is report it to Minimed because if the sensors are bad and you already used them they will replace them for free. But, you have to report it. At $350 a pop I would.

hey Josh,  my sensor did that to me.  I just pulled out the transmitter and re-set it.  I my cast the transmitter wasn't seated against the sensor.   The lost sensor is only when the pump cant "see" the transmitter.  A dead transmitter battery can do the same thing. 

OOHHH Josh you know what else can happen if you don't have the pump on the same side as where you put the sensor in you will lose sensor too. You have to keep them on the same side.

I actually had this issue but it turned out to be that the software in my insulin pump was bugged. Mini-med sent me a new one asap though once we deduced the issue to the pump (rather than the site or transmitter, after trying multiple of each). 

I have to agree with Gina. Sometimes when I insert the sensor it can be an angle issue with how you put the sensor in. Sometimes I have to play with the sensor site to get the lost sensor to go away. Joe can also be right about it not being a good sensor connection and you need to reconnect to the base. I have never run into  software issues though.

I have also found an issue with the sensor if I hit muscle, not that I have much muscle down there. I think that goes with the first statement though. If the part of the sensor that goes into your body is not fully entended the sensor will not work properly. If you can get the angle right though you should be fine. Just make sure you aim for a soft spot on the abdomen. That tends to work the best.

Ok Thanks everyone for all your responses I will try them out.


Crazy things can happen during sensor start up. Often I get a Sensor Error, which I just clear by pressing ESC ACT.



It costs $350 for each sensor!  No wonder my insurance doesn't want to cover the CGMS.  How many Sensors are you supposed to go through in a month on the average? Do the sensors for the Freestyle Navigator and the Dexcom cost so much? Can anyone offer a cost comparision between these three models?  Thanks.

Well I know what it's like getting that "Lost Sensor" error msg, and for me I would have to disconnect the sensor and transmitter and then reconnect and try it again. And most of the time that would work. But I agree in that I would call the tech support line and get their assistance in troubleshooting the problems espcially since you have said that it's happened a couple of times.

And Paul as for the cost I don't know if the prices in the U.S are any different than Canada but here for 4 sensors through MiniMed they are $190 and your changing them either every 3 days or 6 days depending on if your trainer showed you how to extend the life of the sensor without damaging it. And then MiniMed sells the sensor's in 10 packs and here at least they are $500.

So the price of the sensors is quite extensive and sorry I couldn't give you a price quote for the other 2 that you wanted but at least this will start you off.

Josh, hang in there dude it seems like alot of us are going through the same thing and hopefully it will work out for you and you will get that sensor working.



The $350 cost for the sensors is not per sensor. The $350 is or was for a box of 10 sensors which should cover a month if you change the sensor every three days, if you stretch it out to 6 days it will last two months. The Dexcom has two different prices. I think the cash, no insurance coverage is about $270 - $300, however they charce I think it's $399 normally for a box of four sensors without the cash discount. That is for four sensors which would last a month, each sensor is good for seven day wear per the FDA but I have been told you can stretch those as well. Not sure about the navigator.

[quote user="Brian"]The $350 cost for the sensors is not per sensor. The $350 is or was for a box of 10 sensors which should cover a month if you change the sensor every three days, if you stretch it out to 6 days it will last two months.[/quote]

And if you use the sensor until it finally dies, one box can last 3 months or longer.  In the year I've been using the Minimed system (started JUne 2008) I've used 5 boxes of sensors and just opened my sixth two days ago.  I also have one extra at work so it's actually 5 full boxes.  Some lasted a long time and others only a few days.  I recently had two that popped right out when my tape peeled up due to sweat/humidity.  Both happened on the second day and I was really annoyed. Some people get 3 weeks or more from one sensor but the longest I've gone is 15 days.

How do you know when the sensor dies?

Other than the obvious that it stops transmitting.


Are you waiting 15 minutes after inserting the sensor so that it absorbs in the interstitial fluid? I make sure to clean the area really well because any dead skin, soap, dirt, lotion, on the skin can mess you up too. When you put the sensor in, try waiting 15 minutes before you attach the transmitter and then press start.


I had the same problem with my MM CGM, and after calling several times about it I was told to not immediately start the new sensor. Let it "soak" if you will,  for a good 10-20 minutes before attaching the transmitter if you can and at the very least don't start it on your pump for a while. This eliminated the problem for me, hope you get it figured out!


Wow its obviously been a while since you did the original post. I am in Australia and would be happy to connect with anyone in this group. Cheers Rod